Art should never be elite. Here, art is an inclusive journey and we’re bringing everyone along for the ride.

The New Futures program is part of our continued mission to break down traditional barriers of the contemporary art world by giving prizing to talented, often underrepresented, emerging artists. Each recipient is given free exhibition space at The Other Art Fair along with access to networks and opportunities designed to jump-start their careers.

Recipients are chosen in collaboration with art world experts and local creative partners to bring their respective talents and differing perspectives.


Catherine Weng

Sydney, May 2024

Catherine Weng is a young emerging artist currently studying for a BA in Fine Art at RMIT. Born in Sydney, she recontextualizes memories of swimming from her childhood in her work. Combined with her fascination with the human body, she experiments with various mediums of textiles, graphite, and paint to create surreal imagery. With the intent of confronting expressions of the human form, she explores themes of the subconscious and existential theory.

Mike King

Brooklyn, May 2024

Mike King is a painter from Austin, TX living and working in Brooklyn, NY. The themes of his work are drawn from nostalgia and a critical examination of his overtly “American” experience. Utilizing second-hand textile scraps, his work turns waste into bold, collaged motifs. As a colorist, he’s inclined to express lugubrious undercurrents in his work– how can vibrant color carry an unsuspecting weight? His work is inspired by constructivism, 90’s cartoons, Sienese painting, color field painting, and assemblage. Mike has a BFA from Pratt Institute and will be an MFA candidate at Hunter College this fall.

Anna Schölch

Dallas, May 2024

Anna Schölch is a Swedish-born, German-raised artist who lives and works in Allen, Texas. Her large format figurative pastels explore human connection and interaction through magical realist imagery. Drawing on personal snapshots for inspiration, she mixes distorted memories of people, animals, and objects to evoke familiar scenes and hidden secrets.

Kendull Anderson

Los Angeles, April 2024

Kendull Anderson is a self-taught, Los Angeles-based artist, originally from Oklahoma, whose surreal paintings invite you on a journey inward. His practice serves as a therapeutic outlet, enabling him to delve into the depths of his subconscious and visually portray the colorful complexities of both his emotions and identity as a Black Christian man.

Reevah Agarwaal

Chicago, April 2024

Reevah Agarwaal is an artist from New Delhi, India, currently based in Chicago, IL. She is currently pursuing her MFA from SAIC. Through textiles and collages, her work explores girlhood and the complex dualities that exist in domestic relationships. Using textiles that have a personal history, she employs material history to reconstruct and reclaim narratives of women and girls.

Oreoluwa Ahmeed

London, March 2024

Oreoluwa Ahmeed is a multidisciplinary artist whose work critically examines the nonsensical nature of existing within an irrational and paradoxical universe. Exploring the idea of appreciation despite chaos, their diaristic approach to depicting their reflection on the ‘little things’, provokes audiences to embrace how ‘we’re all just trying to get by’. Their work playfully examines the effects of one’s environment and day-to-day experiences on their sense of self and understanding of their existence in the world. Oreoluwa investigates their own life, sharing silly thoughts and little snippets, in the hopes audiences will find familiarity and humour in it all.