The Other Art Fair is partnering with the award-winning Balcones Distilling to celebrate the artistry of whisky-making and the connection between craftsmanship and creativity for its upcoming circuit of spring fairs. 

At the heart of this collaboration is the “Spirit of Balcones: Artist in Residence Program,”  a new initiative to empower artists to transcend traditional studios and create artwork that showcases their interpretation of bold free thinking, reinvention, and embracing the magnetic sense of possibility that comes from expressing your full self.

With backgrounds in art, music, and writing, led by a head distiller who masters in both whisky and ceramics, the distillery team are artists who happen to be distillers. Expressing themselves matters deeply, and today, whisky is their chosen canvas. Balcones sees whisky as an art form, a delicate dance between science and soulful expression, constantly exploring and learning, with no ‘finish line’ in sight. This partnership celebrates the endless possibilities of limitless creativity and the freedom of self-expression. 

In addition to the Artist in Residence program, attendees at The Other Art Fair will have the opportunity to engage with members of the Balcones distillery team, enjoy Balcones craft cocktails, and try various Balcones expressions at their sample station.

Craft Cocktail Recipes

Savor the exceptional taste of Balcones at home by trying one of the three cocktail recipes featured at The Other Art Fair, The Imposterita, Texan Ti Punch and The 1 Old Fashioned.

The Imposterita

1 oz Texas 1 Single Malt

½ oz Lime

¼ oz Agave

Pinch of Sea Salt

Orange and Lime Wheel

Add all ingredients to shaker and shake. Double strain into rock glass and garnish with orange and lime wheel.

Texan Ti Punch

1 ¼ oz Balcones Lineage Single Malt 

¼ oz Orgeat

¼ oz Lemon Juice

Pinch of salt

Add all ingredients to shaker and shake. Double strain into rock glass and garnish with orange and lime wheel. 

The 1 Old Fashioned

¾ oz Balcones Texas 1 Single Malt

½ oz Crown Royal Regal Apple 

Bar spoon of Caramel Syrup (or Demerara Syrup) 

Bar spoon of Allspice Dram 

2 dashes Angostura Bitters 

Add all ingredients to an old-fashioned glass.  Add ice and stir 10-15 times. Garnish with a lemon twist.

Balcones Artist in Residence at The Other Art Fair Los Angeles 

Madeleine Tonzi is an Oakland-based painter originally from Santa Fe, New Mexico. Deeply moved by the two places she calls home, her work focuses on concepts of memory, place, and her relationship to the environment. Tonzi’s visual language serves as a blueprint to explore how humans experience and interact with the land that holds them.

Tonzi’s thematic portrayal of our relationship with the environment resonated deeply with the Balcones team. Balcones is committed to its partnership with the Texas land, embracing its wild temperature swings and volatile climate, which creates an intense environment for crafting and aging whisky. 

Tonzi’s mural, inspired by the spirit of Balcones, was showcased at the LA Fair on April 4 and featured throughout the weekend as a special installation.

Friends of Balcones: Partner Bars

Participating bars in Los Angeles, Dallas and Brooklyn will be offering Balcones cocktails to celebrate the fair. See below for a full list of participating locations:

Bars in Dallas:

Bars in Los Angeles:

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