We are thrilled that you are interested in applying for The Other Art Fair Dallas!

For more information, please see our New Artist Fair Package. If your questions are unanswered by the information below, please feel free to contact the team:

Fair Director
Nicole Garton

Fair Assistant
Briana Salatino


Onsite Schedule:

2022 Fair schedule TBA.

Online Schedule:

October 2021 Fair

September – November, 2021
Exhibiting Artists featured in the Online Studios Dallas

2022 Fair schedule TBA.


I am represented by a gallery, can I still exhibit at the fair? 
Yes. Provided you do not have exclusive representation with the gallery in Los Angeles, you are welcome to apply for the fair. Many of our artists have relationships with galleries and work with them to showcase their work independently.

Can a gallery exhibit my work on my behalf? 
No. This is an artist fair for artists.

I have shown at a previous fair, do I need to reapply? 
Yes. Each edition has a new selection committee with a new set of ideas.

Can I share a stand with another artist? 
Yes. Each artist must submit an independent application and be accepted by the committee. The minimum size for a stand shared by two artists is a 20 linear ft stand; the minimum size for a stand shared by three artists is a 24 linear ft stand.

Once the applications are submitted, please contact the team so we can make a note of the applications that you wish to share a stand.

I live abroad and need to obtain a visa. Can you help with this? 
The fair cannot offer advice re visas, however, if your application is successful, you will receive a confirmation letter which can be used as proof of acceptance to the fair.


What preparation materials are provided? 

Each artist will receive an Exhibitor Manual and detailed information prior to the Fair including; your stand number, stand size, display name, any ordered extras and a fair floor plan.

Is the fair curated? 

Yes. Stands cannot be booked on a first-come, first-served basis. The Fair is carefully curated taking into account the nature of the work and how it is complemented by that of adjacent stands. Each artist will be given the number of linear feet as requested on the contract.

What are the artist workshops? 

The artist workshops are led by the Fair team and are a series of videos that will help you to prepare for various aspects of the event. We will cover different aspects of the Fair including logistics, marketing, PR and sales and will also host live webinars to answer artists questions and provide additional support.

Saatchi Art

What is the relationship with Saatchi Art?

We are thrilled to partner with Saatchi Art, the world’s leading online gallery, which provides artists with an expertly curated environment in which to exhibit and sell their work to collectors around the world. Working across 100 countries with over 50,000 artists, their ethos parallels that of The Other Art Fair: providing an invaluable channel for artists to sell their work directly to art buyers who wish to discover original artwork. We invite you to sell your work via The Other Art Fair on Saatchi Art and reach an international audience throughout the year.

As an exhibitor at The Other Art Fair, your Saatchi Art profile will be presented as a fair artist to Saatchi Art’s extensive network of curators, collectors, and interior design buyers, plus you will be promoted extensively as part of  The Other Art Fair’s Online Studios. There will also be scope for selection as a highlighted fair artist or for inclusion within Saatchi Art’s curated collections ‘One To Watch’ and ‘Curator’s Choice’; the possibility of being featured in Saatchi Art’s quarterly catalogues and being hand-picked by their Art Advisory team; and benefits from exposure to their social media network of nearly 1M followers. With Saatchi Art’s support, the Online Studios provides the perfect platform to expand our online content through collections, Canvas blog posts and more to further promote individual fair artists – unique material that will support your practice.

Key Points

  • Following the ethos of the fair, you are free to edit and curate your own Saatchi Art profile.
  • Your Saatchi Art profile will additionally be promoted through The Other Art Fair Online Studios.
  • There is no sign-up fee or monthly subscription fee.
  • Saatchi Art handles all shipping on your behalf.
  • Saatchi Art takes a 35% commission fee on sales.
  • All sales generated through the Online Studios will be facilitated by Saatchi Art and subject to the Saatchi Art commission.
  • These profiles form the only Exhibitor list and basis for all online artist marketing including e-shots, social media and Canvas.
  • Further details about selling your work on Saatchi Art can be found here: https://support.saatchiart.com/hc/en-us/categories/200315048-Seller-s-Guide-


Do I need to be present during the fair? 
Yes. This is not a gallery fair. The ethos of the fair is artist self-representation – each artist must set-up, manage and breakdown their stand.

Will tools and hanging hardware be provided to install my artwork? 
No, artists must provide all materials necessary for hanging their works, including tools and hardware. There will be a limited amount of ladders available for artists but they are circulated around on a first come first serve basis. Artists must also provide any additional manpower needed to install their booth, there will not be extra laborers onsite to help load, unload or install artwork in booths.

Is there a wrapping service onsite?
Yes. Our wrapping partner provides a complimentarty wrapping service for all artworks purchased at the fair. Customers can also arrange shipping directly with the partner.

Is there storage onsite? 
There is no storage available and due to the fire risk, storage will not be allowed behind your stand. We therefore recommend you consider this when planning the build and break of your stand. The organizers cannot accept any responsibility for lost, stolen or damaged stock. If your work is shipped in crates, it may be possible to store within the venue, please contact the fair team about this.

Is there any furniture (small table, chair or stool) included in my booth package or available for rent?
We recommend exhibitors bring a small table, chair or stool in your booth but it is not something that is provided by the fair. Viable options for purchasing inexpensive furniture before the fair are local second hand shops or IKEA.

I am bringing someone to help me install my booth, will I get a guest pass? 
You do not need an Assistant Pass for anyone helping you to install your booth. However, if you would like to have someone helping you at your booth while the Fair is open to the public, you will need to request an Assistant Pass.

What additional items are available to order? 
You can order additional spotlights, an electrical outlet, and/or painting for your booth walls (if you would like them a color other than white).


What are the stand prices*? 
16 linear ft + 2 spotlights = $1,680+sales tax
20 linear ft + 2 spotlights = $1,980+sales tax
24 linear ft + 3 spotlights = $2,350+sales tax
28 linear ft + 3 spotlights = $2,760+sales tax
32 linear ft + 4 spotlights = $3,150+sales tax

Stand prices include a fully built booth onsite.
*All exhibitors will also have the option to opt-in to the associated Virtual Fair.

How high are the walls? 
The walls are 10 feet high.

What shape are the walls? 

There is no set standard booth configuration. Booths come in a variety of configurations (U-shaped, L-shaped, right angle, etc.) composed of 4-foot wide walling panels. All interior faces of the booth add up to your total linear-feet of exhibition space.

A majority of booths will take a U-shaped configuration, where there are two 4-foot side walls that come out at either end of a wider back wall. Depending on the venue and other factors, other configurations may be available.

All exhibitors—particularly those who plan to exhibit works larger than 40″ wide—are advised to plan their artwork presentation so that it can be adapted to any configuration. Please contact the Fair Director as soon as possible if you would like to specify your configuration preferences; we will do our best to accommodate you.

Final configuration of each booth is subject to change and will be confirmed via email prior to exhibitors’ arrival onsite.


How can I receive news about future fairs?
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