GIPHY Arts is pleased to present a Spring Showcase of very, very short films at The Brooklyn Virtual Edition Fair. 

Similar to an animated short, each GIF-length film tells a story through an experimental or narrative lens in under 30 seconds flat and has been adapted from its native Clips format on GIPHY to fit a one of a kind viewing experience, to view exclusively at The Other Art Fair’s Virtual Edition. 

Follow the loops through fast paced crowds, dramatic eyerolls and a dangerous spritz, from tight quarantine contained quarters, into an idealized world where a dog makes the rules.  

Work by artists Amanda Bonaiuto, Burry Junior, Inari Sirola, Julian Gallese, and Yusef Najafi.



Inari Sirola

Spring Showcase: Stuck (2021)

“2020. Lockdown after lockdown. Living in a small space while gaining weight since not having access to normal routine and exercise. Still however, the only thing that makes me excited nowadays is food. Even though I’m very aware that I probably shouldn’t order in or eat trashy food, well… what can I say? Like this fellow, the instant gratification becomes too enticing and then, we get stuck.”


Inari Sirola is an animator and filmmaker from Finland, based in London UK. Tones of surrealism and comedy meet in her mind bending realities, whilst her unique character design offers personal and social truths about body image and beauty standard.


Yusef Najafi

Spring Showcase: Eyeroll (2021)

“We have celebrated the physical strength, speed, agility and endurance of the human body, through competitive sports, for centuries. But what about micro movements, like rolling your eyes? I’ve rolled my eyes all of my life. I’m convinced I’m a pro. I’ve been asked, by others, why I am rolling my eyes, in moments that I didn’t even know I was. I’m rolling my eyes right now.  Sadly, we live in a world where eye-rolling is not celebrated as a professional sport. Maybe one day it will be. For now, here’s an animation I made about it.”


Born in Tehran, and raised in Northern Virginia, I had no idea what I wanted to do in life, but somehow art school found me at the age of 30 and now many years later, here I am making funny, colorful 3D animations.


Burry Junior

Spring Showcase: Spring Cocktail (2021)

“I just wanted to create something fun about juice and fruits! Luckily I had the chance to create it in springtime.”


ROSEBURY JUNIOR MBAH, also known as BURRY JUNIOR, also known as BREEZYBURRY is an Animator/Illustrator from Nigeria.

Combining his love for art & music, BREEZYBURRY creates colorful animations that stand out and show a high level of quality.


Amanda Bonaiuto

Spring Showcase: Tight Squeeze (2021)

An overcrowded elevator heats up until the doors open onto a sweaty dance floor. An ode to the anxiety and ecstatic joy of togetherness in light of the pandemic.”


Amanda Bonaiuto is an independent animation director currently living and working in New York. She is best known for her short films and commissioned pieces which have screened at film festivals and galleries worldwide. She’s inspired by humor, tilted realities, and observing the natural world. She is currently part time faculty at The New School and makes her films and commissions in her studio.


Julian Gallese

Spring Showcase: Beautiful Morning (2021)

“A dog takes his owner on a nice walk everyday.”


Julian makes cartoons that attempt to wobble the barrier between the familiar and the strange. His work has been shown in film festivals and galleries around the world.



GIPHY Arts expands the prominence of the GIF as an artistic medium and format by directly engaging and commissioning artists, creating new distribution possibilities, and pioneering new technology. 


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