The Smarter Way to Buy Art

The Other Art Fair Sydney showcases 120 of the best emerging artists in Australia, providing you with the unique opportunity to discover and buy work directly from the next superstar artist. Each of our artists are carefully chosen by an expert Selection Committee who base their judgement on ability, potential and accessibility – a guarantee of value and quality on your chosen piece!

For those visitors new to the art fair experience, we offer buying tips to help you start your art collection so that you are well prepared for the next edition of the Fair. 


We know it’s a cliché, but buy art that you like and enjoy!  Know yourself – are you a bright and bold kind of person or more of a sculptural or abstract fan? Of course, you’re welcome to listen to the advice of others, but at the end of the day it’s you who will gain the enjoyment from purchasing a piece. Remember buying art is very subjective! If your chosen piece increases in value then it’s a bonus, but that shouldn’t be your sole focus. If you buy with your heart then at least you have invested in something that enhances your environment!


To keep things transparent and unintimidating, all art work shown at The Other Art Fair will have prices clearly displayed. The Other Art Fair is all about bringing artists and buyers together, breaking down barriers and facilitating conversation to help you to find art you love and support local artists to boot.


With 120 artists and thousands of artworks to choose from, it can be easy to get overwhelmed at an art fair. Get ahead of the game and make a hit list of artists you like the look of, by browsing the artists profiles here.  Check out their individual websites or social media pages as well to get a feel for their work.


What makes The Other Art Fair different is that the artists are there for you to talk to – so make the most of it! Having a conversation with the artist gives you an insight into their work; how it was made, how long they have been working and what they are planning on doing next. This gives you a better bond with the artwork you like, and a story to relay to your friends and family once you have the piece in your home.


The Other Art Fair is all about emerging and undiscovered artists so embrace the fair’s spirit and take a risk on someone new. You never know what the future will hold!


When you’ve found the one, make it yours using Art Money. With Art Money, you can purchase artwork at the Fair and pay over time in 10 monthly, interest-free installments, when you spend $500 or more.

Art Money is made up of a team of passionate art-lovers who aim to empower people to buy art, support artists and promote a sustainable creative economy.

You can find Art Money at the Fair, ready to sign you up on the spot. It’s free to join, or you can save time by applying for Art Money in advance, using this link.