Described by both Dance Magazine and the Financial Times as “the new Netflix for the arts,” Marquee TV is the global streaming TV service for dance, opera, theatre, and music. Based in London and New York, and available around the world, Marquee TV curates the world’s greatest artists and performances from the contemporary and cutting-edge to the classics.

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Marquee TV presents a curated selection of short films from around the world, focused on dance and music, especially for visitors to The Other Art Fair.

“The very best short films tell compelling stories in an accessible way,” says Kathleya Afanador, Co-founder and Head of Content at Marquee TV. “They can make you laugh, cry, or leave you awestruck all within the span of 5 minutes. Like poems, they are concise, subtle, and they lend themselves to experimentation. Marquee TV is genuinely excited to share these beautiful works of art.”


Contemporary Dance. Dir. Eve McConnachie, Myles Thatcher. FRONTIERS explores outdated gender norms inherent in the classical ballet industry. This short film is set to “Make a Move” from Edinburgh-based artist Callum Easter’s debut album.

4 mins.


Starring 26 Scottish Ballet dancers, an abstract dining room is the setting for their largest short film yet. Tremble is co-choreographed and directed by Jess and Morgs Films, and set to Anna Meredith’s brassy track ‘Nautilus’.

5 mins.

Esprit du Jardin

A spirit emerges from icy cold water to explore the beautiful snow covered garden she finds herself trapped within. We follow her on a journey as she dances through the changing seasons, summoning the forces of nature until she finally returns to the granite basin from which she arose.

11 mins.

The Sun is God

Set in 1918, The Sun is God is a story of love, loss and remembrance told through the poetic use of classical ballet. Francesca Hayward (The Royal Ballet) plays a woman who imagines her betrothed (Matthew Ball – The Royal Ballet) has returned from the horrors of The Great War in France. Set in and around Petworth House in West Sussex, a painting by the great English Romanticist landscape painter JMW Turner ‘The Lake, Petworth, Sunset’ triggers memories of moments the couple have shared together, before the mist of the landscape slowly envelops Matthew and Francesca is left alone with only memories of their love.

9 mins.

In Her Hands

Inspired by the life and work of Camille Claudel and Auguste Rodin, ‘In Her Hands’ reflects on the relationship between the two French sculptors. Set in Paris 1892, Camille, played by Russian Ballerina Natalia Osipova (The Royal Ballet) is distracted and struggles to work as memories of their past swirl around her tormented mind, haunting her. She dismisses her model and slips into an abstract reverie, imagining herself as one of her sculptures dancing passionately with her lover (Matthew Ball – The Royal Ballet).

11 mins.


As with many arts organizations, The Washington Ballet were forced to find new and inventive ways to keep performing during the pandemic. This resulted in their first-ever digital-only season consisting of seven world premiere performances, exclusive to Marquee TV. “Together/Apart,” filmed with two dancers on the steps of Washington National Cathedral, forms part of this innovative season.