The best part of attending The Other Art Fair is getting to meet all of the artists face-to-face. The beauty of the Virtual Editions is that now you can get to know the exhibitors, ask them your questions, and hear from them directly what inspires them to create. Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel to watch all of our ‘Meet the Others’ videos. 

Monica Cowsert

“If I could bring some joy, then I feel like I’ve succeeded”

Monica is a Dallas-based artist who creates sumptuous, jewel-toned paintings that draw on the beauty, elegance, and playfulness of the natural world.

Annette Palmer

“I like turning something old into something new.”

Monica is a Magnolia, Texas-based artist who incorporates antique love letters and elements of collage into her mixed media acrylic paintings of land- and seascapes.

Glen Gauthier

“My art is a form of time travel.”

Originally from Louisiana, Glen is a Dallas-based artist who creates new worlds that straddle past, present, and future by combining hand-cut pieces of paper and other ephemera in his one-of-a-kind collages.




Cat Ridgon is a Cypriot artist, based in Dallas, whose vibrant “Self Mythology” painting series expresses a nostalgia for Cyprus—the island country where she grew up. Through the motif of sea urchins, which figured prominently throughout her childhood, she fashions unique panels made of custom-cut acrylic to present a series of oil paintings that break with conventional compositional forms.

Form III/Kourion Beach

Bartosz Beda

“I paint [figures] and abstract them during my process.”

Originally from Poland and now based in Dallas, Bartosz explores through painting what he calls an ‘intellectualization’ of the internal struggles of the self—the conflicts that arise between reconciling one’s hopes with reality.

Jill Malouf

“I love to create serene, peaceful art that calms people.”

Based in Dallas, Jill creates highly tactile paintings composed of crystalline, transluscent layers that she hopes draw viewers in and prompts them to touch the surface of the canvas.

Crescen Coggins

“I like the feeling of being able to make someone feel something, or help them understand what we have in common.”

Drawing inspiration from historical events and figures, Crescen digitally manipulates his original photography to provoke strong reactions—both positive and negative—in the viewer.