20/20- In Conversation with The Artfully Podcast 

Visual Arts: Perception vs Reality 

Join 20/20 for a panel discussion hosted by Artfully Podcast on Saturday 16 October 2-3.30PM exploring the theme of education, creating and curating for small and large institutions and the perception vs reality of how artists are discussed and written about within the art world.
Mediating the panel will be the artist Elizabeth Power & Jessie Hillcox, from Artfully Podcast. Joining them will be Catherine Flood former prints curator at the Victoria & Albert Museum, Jheni Arboine an educational developer and contemporary fine artist, Yulia.i an independent curator and writer, Saziso Phiri, curator and founder of the Anti Gallery in Nottingham and Angeliki Kim Jonsson is an art historian and collector as well as the founder of DYNAMISK, an Independent Curating and Art advisory. 

The Panelists


Yulia.i believes art changes everything. As an independent curator and producer, she is passionate about inclusivity and social change. Her focus is on democratising access to the art world for both creators and viewers. Yulia has curated projects for the Green Party, Art Licks Festival, AIDA Shoreditch amongst others. Her latest exhibition, celebrating the centenary of the Magistrates Association “100 Years of Justice” is open 12-23 October at D Contemporary. She is currently working with Create Equity – an organisation focused on making arts funding racially equitable by 2031.

 IG: @yulia_i

Saziso Phiri

Saziso Phiri  (Nottingham, UK) is the founder of The Anti Gallery, a creative platform for creating, exhibiting and engaging art outside of traditional art gallery environments. Since launching the platform in 2016, The Anti Gallery has partnered with public, corporate and grassroots organisations to produce exhibitions, artist residencies, talks, film screenings and art making workshops. Alongside her work with The Anti Gallery Saziso works with cultural organisations on PR and audience engagement strategy. Saziso is a founding member of SHEAfriq, a Nottingham-based collective of black women creatives.  

Instagram: @sazisophiri @theantigallery @sheafriq

Péjú Oshin

Péjú Oshin is a British-Nigerian curator, writer and educator based in London. Her work explores liminality in culture, identity and the built environment through working with artists, archives and cultural artefacts to create and further explore shared experiences across a global African diaspora.

Péjú has a history of supporting young and emerging artists and cultural producers through her work at Tate, Barbican and Wellcome Collection and others. She is an Associate Lecturer at Central Saint Martins having taught on courses in the Fashion and Culture & Enterprise departments. She is the author of Between Words & Space (2021) a collection of poetry and prose and was shortlisted for the Forbes 30 Under 30 Europe list in the Arts & Culture category in 2021.

Péjú currently works at Tate as Curator: Young People’s Programmes, is co-chair of Tate’s BAME network and Chair of trustees of Peckham Platform.

Jheni Arboine

Jheni Arboine is an educational developer and a contemporary fine artist whose practice as an abstract geometric painter, concrete poet and photographer; enables her to synthesize her experiences as a city dweller, where she interrogates the semiotic signs of the environment, coded colour systems and hidden herstories and histories. She takes an oppositional approach to abstraction, for her the language of abstraction it is not empty of meaning, it acts as a living archive, where theory, code, sign and crispy criticality mingle and coalesce. Where decolonisation, cultural politics, social justice and anti-racism are entangled in this site of enquiry where painting and poetics are a repository for prayers, semiotics signs, coded narratives and urban diasporic encounters. Where painting is a site of calligraphic gestures and geometric forms where abstraction collides, resides and co-exists. She describes herself as resilient, emanating from pedagogy of Jamaican-ness that is Talawah. 

BA Fine Art (Hons)2014, MA Fine Art 2015, Chelsea College of Arts UAL. PGCE UAL 2018, MA Academic Practice UAL 2021


Catherine Flood

Catherine Flood is a curator whose work spans contemporary creative practices and design history, with a focus on social and political contexts. She is a Prints Curator in the Word and Image Department at the Victoria & Albert Museum. Her exhibitions include Disobedient Objects (2014) and Food: Bigger than the Plate (2019).

Twitter/Instagram: @catontheark

Angeliki Kim Jonsson

Art Historian.
Curator and Art Advisor.
Writer and Public Speaker.

Angeliki Kim Jonsson is the founder of DYNAMISK Independent Curating and Art advisory working on a multitude of curatorial and art advisory projects, studio visits, workshops, art talks and tours.
She is currently running Give Me A Break: Dynamisk “In Conversation with..” an ever growing series of vibrant and unique conversations with pioneering individuals from the Art world as well as being one of the members of ‘Future Contemporaries’ at the Serpentine galleries as part of a new generation of philanthropists.

Angeliki is currently co-writing her first book and she is based in London, UK.



Elizabeth Power & Jessie Hillcox 

The Artfully Podcast:

Elizabeth Power and Jessie Hillcox the host of The Artfully Podcast (rated in GQ’s top 50 podcasts for 2021), which covers news stories, gossip, and revisiting art history you thought you knew, or always wished you did.

Elizabeth Power is an artist who has been featured by British Vogue, Itsu, Artsy, Delphian Gallery and The Royal Academy of Arts. Her painterly style uses abstract mark-making full of colour to capture the movement and compelling beauty of flowers and plants.

Jessie Hillcox alongside her musings on the art world for the Artfully Podcast, is a communications and marketing specialist for the art and design world. Kicking off her career in commercial art and design galleries, she now works on strategic communications for contemporary design – with a focus on the digital realm. 

IG: @artfullypodcast


IG: @elizabethpowerart