16 – 19 May White Bay Cruise Terminal Are you a game-changing independent artist looking to showcase your own work to thousands of art lovers? You’ve come to the right place.


When the art world as you knew it went one way, we went the other. Where elitism is the norm, we dared to deviate. Art isn’t confined to convention or rule, and how you enjoy it shouldn’t be either. Forget the typical, white-walled experience. You won’t find VIP ropes outside our door.

Here, art is for everyone. We’ve created something different, and we want you to experience it. We combine original yet affordable works from 130 independent artists with immersive installations, performances, DJs – and a fully stocked bar. 

So why not do something impulsive, get excited, and revel in the creativity? You belong here.



Five Australian Photographers in the Wild

Dive into a world of wild wonders through the lenses of these five Australasian artists.

How I Could Afford My First Original Artwork

Buying original art is more accessible that it seems. We spoke to Maya after she purchased her first original artwork at the fair, thanks to Art Money.

Meet The Others

“Actually, It’s…”

There’s an undeniable thrill in finding out something is not as it seems. Read more about works that are not quite as they seem…