A multi-media exhibition delivering an immersive experience for the Mind, Body & Soul.  Look forward to a spectrum of national & international works plus a panel conversation, a well being session by Emerald And Tiger, a live recording of Artfully Podcast, and a Friday Night Late Collaborative takeover DISCO & Nail Art.  Curated by Aida Wilde & Ego Ahaiwe Sowinski.


FRIDAY 6:30 - 8:30 pm

Emily has been working as a freelance nail artist creating miniature works of art on people’s nails for the last six years. She enjoys creating different images for clients whether it’s clean simple designs for an occasion or fantastical and elaborate for a photo-shoot. Emily has worked with an array of brands, people and magazines over the years that include; Swarovski, Alaska Thunderfuck from Ru Pauls Drag Race, Lucy’s Magazine and Factice Magazine. The thing she loves most about her practice is seeing the joy on people’s faces after creating their choice of design or vision that they’d imagined on a small canvas. Her job gives her the chance to capture a small part of someone’s personality in a semi-permanent art form. 


IG: emilysmakeupandnails


FRIDAY 6- 10 pm.

Black Obsidian Sound System (B.O.S.S.) was established in the summer of 2018 with the intention of bringing together a community of queer, trans and non binary people of colour involved in art, sound and radical activism. Following in the legacies of sound system culture we wanted to learn, build and sustain a resource for our collective struggles. The system, based in London, will be available to use or rent by community groups and others with the purpose of amplifying and connecting us. 

Members are: Adae, Deborah Findlater, Evan Ifekoya, Gin Resis’Dance, Jlte, Hakeem Kazeem, Marcus Macdonald. Mellowdramatics, Mwen, Naeem Davis, Natasha Nkonde, Onyeka Igwe, Shenece Oretha, Phoebe Collings-James, Shy One, Sad Queers Club and Shamica.” B.O.S.S. mission statement

IG: blackobsidian_soundsystem


SATURDAY 2 - 3pm

Join 20/20 for a panel discussion on March 21st, at 2pm exploring the theme of curating as woman/non-binary for small and large institutions and how women/non-binary artists are discussed and written about in the art world. 

Mediating the panel will be the artist Elizabeth Power, one half of Artfully Podcast. Joining her will be Catherine Flood, prints curator at the Victoria & Albert Museum, Peju Oshin an educator and the Curator of the Young People’s Programme at Tate, Yulia.i an independent curator and writer, London based and self taught artist Unskilled Worker and Saziso Phiri, curator and founder of the Anti Gallery in Nottingham. 

Artfully Podcast will record the panel. 


Yulia.i believes art changes everything. She is an independent curator and art writer, living and working in London. Passionate about inclusivity and social change, her focus is on democratising access to the art world for both creators and viewers. Yulia has curated projects for the Green Party, Art Licks Festival, AIDA Shoreditch, and several artist-led groups. She is currently working on a touring exhibition to celebrate the centenary of the Magistrates Association, titled 2020 Vision: 100 Years of Justice that will open in Manchester in August 2020.

Instagram: @yulia_I

Unskilled Worker 

Unskilled Worker aka Helen Downie is a London based self-taught artist who began her career by posting her work online. A hugely successful Instagram account, a collaboration with Gucci, one of the world’s biggest fashion houses, the artist now has her artwork shown in exhibitions around the world. Described by Artnet as ‘somewhere between historical painted portraits and Edward Gorey illustrations’ her distinctive work draws the viewer into a highly atmospheric world of dreamy childlike innocence that alludes to darker times.


Instagram: @unskilledworker 

Saziso Phiri 

Saziso Phiri  (Nottingham, UK) is the founder of The Anti Gallery, a creative platform for creating, exhibiting and engaging art outside of traditional art gallery environments. Since launching the platform in 2016, The Anti Gallery has partnered with public, corporate and grassroots organisations to produce exhibitions, artist residencies, talks, film screenings and art making workshops. Alongside her work with The Anti Gallery Saziso works with cultural organisations on PR and audience engagement strategy. Saziso is a founding member of SHEAfriq, a Nottingham-based collective of black women creatives.  

Instagram: @sazisophiri @theantigallery @sheafriq 

Peju Oshin 

Peju Oshin is a Curator and Educator born in London. Her work often explores the concept of home through physical and emotional space, liminality in identity and process through socially engaged practice and research. She has worked with Barbican, Wellcome Collection, Central Saint Martin’s and is a trustee of Peckham Platform.

Peju is currently Curator: Young People’s Programme at Tate

Twitter/Instagram: @pejuoshin 

Elizabeth Power 

Elizabeth Power is an artist who has been featured by British Vogue, Itsu, Artsy, Delphian Gallery and The Royal Academy of Arts. Her painterly style uses abstract mark-making full of colour to capture the movement and compelling beauty of flowers and plants.

Elizabeth co-hosts The Artfully Podcast, which covers news stories, gossip, and revisiting art history you thought you knew, or always wished you did.


Instagram: @elizabethpowerart @artfullypodcast

Catherine Flood

Catherine Flood is a curator whose work spans contemporary creative practices and design history, with a focus on social and political contexts. She is a Prints Curator in the Word and Image Department at the Victoria & Albert Museum. Her exhibitions include Disobedient Objects (2014) and Food: Bigger than the Plate (2019).

Twitter/Instagram: @catontheark




Sound Healing Meditation

Experience connecting to your inner heart. Give yourself space to drop into a restorative and uplifting sonic meditation.

Jasmin will share majestic sonic sounds including crystal bowls, Venus gong and intuitive vocals.

Allow your body to relax, soften and deepen. Blockages may start to disperse enabling the mind, body and soul to flow freely as they are welcomed by healing energy, vibrations and sound. Open up your intuition, and come home to your true self with peace and stillness.

Sound is a deeply transformative, holistic healing therapy. Specifically attuned vibrations, energy and sound move through the aura, beautifully balancing and aligning the mind, body and spirit. 

We are vibrating beings made up of sound. It has been shared as a healing modality in ancient cultures, and communities around the planet for over 40,000 years. 

Sound connects us to our emotions, feelings, memories and thoughts. It is through sound that we experience oneness. Sound is shared in celebration, ceremony, to express and communicate. 

It is used as a form of relaxation and therapy to support healing on a psychological and cellular level, aiding meditation and deepening our connection to ourselves mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.


(Mats will be provided but limited, so we advice you to bring your own or a blanket)

Copies of Jasmine’s book, Self Reiki: Tune in to Your Life Force to Achieve Harmony and Balance (A Little Book of Self Care) will also be available to purchase for the duration of the fair. 


IG: emeraldandtiger


See Red Women’s Workshop was set up to combat negative images of women and to produce propaganda for the women’s liberation movement. We aimed to promote women’s empowerment and to challenge the impact of gender stereotyping and sexism. Using reality-checks and humour, we set out to design and print posters that were accessible and looked good. The posters explored the personal experiences of women – the personal is political - from housework, childcare and sexuality, to sexism and racism, and to women’s roles in wider struggles for change. There were over 45 women in the collective, over 16 years.



Sayge Carroll holds a Bachelor of Arts in Ceramics from the UMN and is an MFA Candidate 2021 at UMN in Minneapolis. As an artist, Carroll has held residencies with several institutions such as the Walker Art Center, Minneapolis Institute of Art and The City of Minneapolis, given lectures professionally at Macalester College, University of Minnesota and NCECA (National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts). She has curated local and national visual arts exhibitions and received grants. The last decade has seen Carroll making creative space, as a working artist. She has been a member of Tantrum Art Collective for over a decade. She lives and has a studio in south Minneapolis with her son. Carroll established the Ceramic department at Juxtaposition Arts. She holds an annual Harvest Feast at her south Minneapolis studio and also founded Women of Color Artist Gathering, Art Church, and the workshop. She is passionate about arts engagement and building a healthy community.



Sarah-Joy Ford is an Artist, Curator and Researcher based in Manchester. Exhibitions include Banner Culture, British Textile Biennale (Blackburn), Queen, COLLAR (Manchester) and Weaving Europe: The World as Mediation, Paphos. Curatorial projects include: The Guild: Contemporary Textiles, Templeworks (Leeds), Cut Cloth: Contemporary Textiles and Feminism, The Portico Library (Manchester) and Hard Craft, Vane Gallery (Newcastle). Her work has been commissioned by The Yorkshire Year of the Textiles, Processions (Artichoke Production) and Beyond the Binary at The Pitt Rivers Museum. She is the recipient of an AHRC NWCDTP Award for her PhD research examining quilting as a methodology for re-visioning lesbian archive material.


IG: sarahjoy.ford


Sarah Boris is a an artist and graphic designer based in London. After working for over ten years for organisations such as Phaidon, ICA, the Barbican, Tate, she set up her own art and design practice in 2015. In parallel to commissioned projects Sarah creates screen printed artworks and self-publishes books such as Le Théâtre Graphique and Global Warming Anyone. She is a regular speaker at conferences and in universities. Her work was acquired by the Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam and was exhibited at the Design Museum, London and at Une Saison Graphique, Le Havre, France. 


IG: sarahboris_ldn


Born in the Bronx in 1949, Keegan moved to London in 1980 having studied Fine Art at the San francisco Art Institute from 1969 - 1972.  Her work explores memory, history, dress and adornment, often through the use of her extensive family archive.

Rita helped establish the Brixton Art Gallery, curating ‘Mirror Reflecting Darkly’, the first exhibition by the Black Women Artists collective.  She was the co-founder in 1984 of Copy Art, a resource and education space for community groups and artists working with the emerging technologies of computers, scanners and photocopiers.  From 1985 - 1990Rita was a staff member of the Women Artists Slide Library (WASL), where she established the Women Artists of Colour Index.  In the earch 1990s she was the Director of the African and Asian Visual Arts Archive (AAVAA). As well as her artistic and archival practice, Rita taught at goldsmiths for a number of years, where she helped establish the digital-media undergraduate course in the Historical and Cultural Studies department.



My artworks re-present the British-Asian female identity through biology (the external appearance of the Indian female as perceived by white society), construct (the influences on the upbringing of the female) and ideology (the lived experience and aspirations of the female). This is informed by the context of my personal life experiences as the British Indian woman (not bi-racial), who has an Indian body (biology) a western mind (construct), constantly reminded that I am not ‘white’ (ideology).

The perception of this ‘Indian body’ is explored through both practice and theory. I reveal my personal experience of sexuality, femininity, womanhood, motherhood as artist and researcher, by embodying being Indian and British but never English.  

“My practice mirrors the slow dilution of my cultural heritage as it seeps further from my grasp. ‘I think in English, I appear Indian’ becomes a mantra.” (Rana-Allen 2017)




Born in Lincolnshire, Rebecca graduated from Goldsmiths College in 2002. After a series of jobs involving record shops, convicted criminals, painting and decorating, The Government, music festivals and animation studios, she has spent the last 10 years as a freelance art director and illustrator creating visuals for global ad campaigns, editorial images and a set of stamps for Royal Mail. Clients have included Leon, O2, artsy.com, Nike and Channel 4.  She has recently been working with and is inspired by the traditional imagery of trade union banners, protest placards, and Arts & Crafts design, in overblown, eye-popping 70’s supermarket packaging colours. Rebecca’s work explores the power of community and working together, and the strength and fun of colour and pattern. As well as her illustrations, she creates larger scale mural work, having recently completed a shopfront on Carnaby Street, and also as huge embroidered banners and wall hangings.

IG: Rebecca_strickson_illustration


Rebecca Bellantoni is an artist based in London. Bellantoni mines everyday occurrences and abstracts them. Investigating, through the lens of metaphysics, comparative theology, philosophy, religion and spirituality and the aesthetics of them. Focused on the lives of Black people, she imagines space and time for meditation. Her practice is wide ranging and encompasses video, performance, photography, textiles, printmaking, sculpture, writing and sound-text.

Recent work has been shown at Ravens Row, London, Mimosa House, London, PUBLICs, Helsinki, Stroom Den Haag, The Hague, Palais de Tokyo, Paris and The Women’s Art Library, Goldsmiths University. 

IG: rebecca.bellantoni


Peter knew from an early age that art would be a lifetime vocation and career. Studying at some of the world’s leading creative educational facilities resulted in a BA (hons) first from the RCA and subsequent postgraduate studies in Fine Art at SAIC (Chicago) graduating top of the class both times. A unique practice emerged combining classical motivations and visuals in every media (drawing, painting, performance, sound, light, video, printmaking, textiles, design and a number of academic publications too) with innovative use of technology, breaking new ground in the field.  Preferring to avoid the spotlight personally, Peter’s work speaks for itself and critical acclaim followed an initial solo show, with ‘voice of a generation’ being a regular description of the artist. As a luminary in the creative world, Peter now seeks to pass on this knowledge and insight through mentorship and sustained collaborations with emerging creatives who benefit from such profound guidance.


IG: peter_r_key


p1xels is a Melbourne-based photographer whose subculture-specific photo documentation of the graffiti scene has spanned over nine years. p1xels has worked with highly-regarded local and international artists, documenting their artistic expression. p1xels’ dark and moody compositions are an insight into her passion for exploring urban environments. Preferring to work alone, p1xels has investigated and shot across diverse urban environments. The past four years has seen p1xels travel extensively, both internationally and domestically, allowing her to photograph artists and writers at work, and to investigate empty urban places. Beyond abandoned locations, graffiti belongs at the heart of p1xels’ work. In a medium where tags and ‘pieces’ have only a short life span, her portfolio of images allows these works to live on, long after ‘The Buff’ has removed any trace of them.


IG: p1xels


Marie Brenneis, born in Wigan, is a British Multidisciplinary Artist working across Painting, Sculpture, Installation, Architecture and Performance. Trained in Fine Art and Photography (UEL 2009) and Choreography and Dance Theatre (Trinity Laban Conservatoire, London 2010). She has just completed an MPhil in The Meaning of Placement of Colour, (London

Metropolitan University 2019) where she examined theories and practices of spatial and taste hierarchies through the subversion of colour. Her playful darkly narrative sculptural pieces often create hyper-real worlds that address the gap between perception and reality. Marie’s has exhibited at Saatchi Art Gallery, V&A, Olympic Athletes Village Foyer Project for , The Performance Pad, Mainz, Germany and The National Gallery Prague


IG: mariebrenneis


Margo van Rooyen is a female South African artist born in Durban.  She has recently graduated from The Royal College of Art in MA Print and is currently taking part in an International Residency Program with Pilotenkueche in Leipzig, Germany.  

Much of her work is process based, experimental and pushes the boundaries of traditional print media, often peaking as an installation or sculpture.

She uses all print processes, naming the press her sketchbook.  During experimentation she tries to interfere as little as possible while creating imagery, letting the medium take over.  This results in a lot of abstraction. Recently most of her work has been in monochrome as there is a macro micro relationship that can be protected by the contrast in black and white.


IG: Margo_vanrooyen


Maria Kheirkhah is a British Iranian artist, who works with installation and performance to investigate systems of knowledge, power and culture. Kheirkhah’s multi- disciplinary art practice focus on decentralising the generalising cultural forms through a practice which is generated by the interplay of history, politics, media and visual arts within contemporary Western visual culture.  

Among her numerous exhibitions and presentations are: Conversation Pieces, 1001 questions, Tate Britain 2009; The Psychology of Fear, 198 Gallery 2008; The Anatomy Of Ignorance, Current thinking, Tate Modern 2007.

Kheirkhah lives and works in London.



Marylou Faure is a Parisian illustrator and artist, currently based in London. Her playful work often recognised by a vibrant colour palette and quirky style. Since her move to London, she has since collaborated with global brands and agencies, providing illustration for a broad range of digital and print projects. Specialising in character design, bold colours and hand written typography. Marylou aspires to create artwork that invokes joy with her cheeky and playful style. She expresses herself best when representing the female form and advocates equal rights for all. Above all. Marylou believes in using her skills for good and enjoys working on projects for strong social or ethical causes.  

IG: maryloufaure


Art in Ad Places is a sustained campaign of replacing advertisements with artwork. We are a team of artists who believe that our public spaces would be better if we got rid of billboards, or replaced their messages with artwork and PSAs. In 2017, we started our campaign by partnering with a new artist each week to install their work at a payphone in New York City. Today, we continue to install new art in payphones throughout the city on an ad hoc basis. 

Luna Park, Photographer and Co-Curator: Preeminent photographer of graffiti, street art, and ad takeovers, librarian, and author


IG: lunapark 

Image Credit: Luna Park, Blue Lady by Parker Day


Ingrid Pollard (born Guyana) lives and works in London. Pollard comes from a community arts background and training in screen printing, film and photography. In the past her work has also documented the work of performers, writers and theatre companies. Pollard studied Film and Video at the London College of Printing and MA in Photographic Studies, University of Derby and a PhD at Westminster University. She is an Honorary Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society.

Pollard has exhibited widely in Europe and America, including Tate Britain, Victoria & Albert Museum & Photographers Gallery, London, NGBK, Berlin, the Caribbean Cultural Centre, New York, the National Art Gallery of Barbados and Camerawork, San Francisco.

Recent exhibitions include, Where is Here (2016), Museum of the African Diaspora, San Francisco US, We have Met Before, (2017), The National Gallery of Jamaica, Valentine Days, (2017) Autograph ABP, Rivington Place, London, Body Thirst, (2018) Deep Down, Glasgow International, (2018) The Lie of the Land, MK Gallery (2018), Sapphic Modernism, John Hansard Gallery, Southampton (2018), and Seaside Show, (2018) Turner Contemporary, Margate, UK and Hot Moment at Auto Italia 2020.

In 2019 she was awarded a Baltic Artists Award and was a recipient of the Paul Hamlyn



Keegan Xavi is a visual artist (collage, watercolor, photography, film), Teaching Artist and Art Historian living in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She cultivates a creative life as an artist, finding synergistic balance between creating, learning, teaching and healing through the arts. Her personal work addresses the often emotionally brutal realities of American History and how this history impacts the present and future, with a recurring, broader theme about the human intersection between nature and technology.



Katarzyna Perlak is a Polish born artist, based in London whose practice employs video, performance, sound and installation. Perlak’s work is driven by politics and feelings; examines queer subjectivities, migration and potentiality of affect as a tool for registering and archiving both present continuous and past historical moments. 

Perlak's background is in Philosophy, which she studied in Poland and Fine Art Media that

she has studied in UK (Camberwell College of Arts and Slade School of Fine Art).  Her films have been shown widely at film festivals across Europe. She was part of the Bloomberg New Contemporaries and shows internationally, including: Diaspora Pavilion, 57thVenice Biennial, Art Night London, Liverpool Biennale and Detroit Art Week.


IG: kat_perlak


'Infinity Ltd' is the latest body of work by Juliette Stuart. Infinity Ltd is a fictitious retail corporation, a liminal space, an enigma. Infinity Ltd stocks parodies of supermarket products, using the aesthetics of hyper-consumption to explore loneliness and isolation under consumerism. Infinity Ltd makes acid rain in cartons, fish glasses, fruit earrings, happiness powder and pill smoothies - some of which are available to purchase. Infinity Ltd welcomes you with open arms. Thank you for visiting.

Juliette Stuart is an illustrator, animator and 3D maker currently finishing the final year of a degree in Illustration and Visual Media at University of the Arts London. She has lived and worked in creative positions in London, Jiujiang (China) and Auckland (New Zealand), and is looking to settle her creative practise down here post graduation. She sells her earrings and jewellery under the moniker PLAICE. 


IG: juliette.stuart


Jo Peel spends her time documenting in great detail her fascination with everyday scenes and scenarios. From abandoned east London construction sites to the streets of Tokyo and Pittsburgh, all are captured in her well observed and uniquely executed style.

By drawing, Peel offers her view that it is these cityscapes that are as important to the topographic psyche as the natural beauty of the nature that surrounds it. This is not finding beauty in the dust; this is offering a new language to understand what is beautiful.

This exploration of the urban metamorphosis is executed in a variety of mediums ranging from huge public murals and hand painted animations to canvas and fine art editions. 


IG: @Jo_Peel


Joanna Layla is a London-based illustrator and contemporary artist. She graduated with First-class Honours in English Language & Literature- a degree that sparked her interest in visual language and communication. Seeing illustration as a parallel discipline to literature threads through all her work- from design to her poetic interpretation of a brief. She is drawn to the human form, both the body in fashion but also in literature and art. She applies a natural instinct for fluid brushstrokes and shapes to conceptual and editorial artwork. It is this collision of the brushstroke, the figurative, wit the conceptual that inspires and frames her editorial identity. 

IG: Joanna Layla


Jheni Arboine is a fine artist whose practice as an abstract geometric painter, concrete poet and photographer; enables her to synthesize her experiences as a city dweller, where she interrogates the semiotic signs of the environment, coded colour systems and hidden herstories. She takes an oppositional approach to abstraction, for her it is not empty of meaning; it is a site of enquiry and a repository for prayers, semiotics signs, coded narratives and urban diasporic encounters where the calligraphic gestures and geometric forms and language[s] collide, reside and co-exist. She describes herself as resilient, emanating from a pedagogy of Jamaican-ness. BA Fine Art (Hons)2014, MA Fine Art 2015, Chelsea College of Arts UAL.



Jenny Lewis grew up in Essex, after doing a Fine Art Painting degree in Preston she moved to Hackney where she has remained for 25 years  working as an editorial photographer for magazines, publishers and commercial clients internationally. Her portraits are non-judgemental, unobtrusive yet pierce through the mask people usually shield themselves with offering a rare intimacy.  Much of her personal work centres on her experience of living and working in East London. Whether working on long form series such as One Day Young, an empowering series reflecting on the strength and resilience of women just hours after birth, Hackney Studios a celebration of authenticity and the supportive network of a creative community facing the impossible threat of gentrification, or commissions for clients,  it is her interest in people and revealing their personal narratives that motivates her work.

 Jenny’s portraits are award winning and have been widely exhibited, a selection are now held in collections such as The National Portrait Gallery and Birth Rites Collection. 


IG: _jennylewis_


Jemisha Maadhavji is figurative Artist based in Leicester. She graduated with a Fine Art degree from De Montfort University in 2018. Maadhavj explores individuals from different cultural backgrounds, personalities and genders through symbolism and narrative. Her work follows a poetic journey in which she searches for beauty.  Her work is typified by bold bright colours and patterned fabric. Her paintings demonstrate a contrast between realism and expressionism, from thick textured paint to smooth delicate painting. ‘We all think of ourselves as icons in some shape or form, especially in the time of smart phones and social media. We live in the era of instant image. We feel like we want to look like a certain celebrity, by taking selfies and constantly posting them on social media. But when do we appreciate our own selves, who we are as individuals?’ Maadhavji'’s work develops a sense of time in the image, a unique contiguity of time, place and personality that is lost in instant media.


IG: jemisha_maadhavji


Jasmine is a professional practicing artist whose work is best described as the meeting of exploration and refinement. Jasmine has taken her art to a number of mediums – sculpture, large-scale public works and intimate paintings for private collection. She is not afraid to venture outside an established comfort zone.  

Whatever her choice of art form, Mansbridge brings a refined and meticulous hand to the work; her deliberation and contemplation are evident at all times. The work provokes thought and wonder and gives the viewer the chance to apply their personal storytelling, as they unpack the geometry and portals of Mansbridge’s imagined world.


IG: jasmine_mansbridge


Geraldine’s work is inspired by cultural dynamics, containing figurative, abstract & botanical references. The work relies predominantly on drawing, as expressed in the clay wall pieces ‘Winter always turns into spring’. This is influenced by her early studies at Byam Shaw School of Art. 

‘Using water, charcoal & clay, I draw and paint straight onto a plaster wall. With a camera I made permanent the changing images. The drawings are inspired by nature.  The Lotus flower, a flower that grows out of a muddy swamp, acts as its own metaphor, '… out of the greatest darkness comes the brightest light'.



Felicity is a London born and based artist. She trained in Surface Design at the London College Of Communication specialising in screen printing and went onto acquiring her Masters in Material Futures from Central Saint Martins in 2014. Her multifaceted practice includes drawing, painting and printmaking. The combination of imagery and graphics in her pieces are often confrontational and challenging. This is her direct personal response to issues that affect her in contemporary culture and society, particularly those involving women, minorities and mental health issues. 


IG: Fizzil


When it comes to the History of the hardships that some African American women have endured, I find that the strength and courage we possess is not shared on a personal level.  Experiencing first hand the homeless, abused, and those stricken with health issues without medical attention, I am able to share the historical impacting accounts with my acrylic paints.  Living in the impoverished conditions that some African American women have to endure, I witnessed children eating from dumpsters, while the tears flow from the mother’s eyes knowing this is the only meal they will have today. These cards, are my accounts of situations still showing the love dwelling within the heart.  These are “Reflections of Life’s Reality”


Elizabeth has been featured by British Vogue, Itsu, Artsy, and The Royal Academy ofArts. Elizabeth exhibited in the Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition 2018, with her work being selected by the RA for use on posters and gift cards. She has been exhibiting at various London art fairs and group exhibitions throughout 2019 and was selected by Delphian Gallery to be featured in their highly acclaimed 2019 open call exhibition and was also the winner of the Flat Space Art Gallery open call 2019. Elizabeth co-hosts The Artfully Podcast, which covers news stories, gossip, and revisiting art history you thought you knew, or always wished you did.


IG: elizabethpowerart 


Ahaiwe Sowinski is a mixed media artist and designer. Ahaiwe Sowinski holds a Master’s degree in Archives and Record Management (International) from UCL.   She is currently the archivist for the Rita Keegan Archive Project and holds positions on the Board for the Lux, and Not/Nowhere, an artist workers’ cooperative. Most recent exhibitions include,  Show & Tell, Women’s Art Library, Goldsmiths (2015), WARM Guerrillas: Feminist Visions, Minneapolis (2016), Stardate: 02.20.2017, Controlled Burn, Patrick’s Cabaret, Minneapolis, (2017), Dunkle Energie/Dark Energy: Feminist Organising, Working Collectively, Vienna’s Fine Art Academy,  (2019), Mercator: Distortions and Projections in Discovery, The Triangle, University Arts London (2019).


I am a Black visual artist and researcher currently based in London. You can usually find me at my house chillin with a book or some tv show. I am particularly passionate about radical political education and movement building though, so when I do come up for air, it’s most often for reasons related to this. My most recent research explored the different factors within formal or informal spaces that allow for and contribute to political education and engagement. Other projects have explored place-making and political resistance through methodologies that included mapping, photography, film, audio soundscapes, oral histories, and ethnography.



Delphine Parot was a French artist who graduated from London College of Communication in 2008 studying Surface Design. She set up the independent print studio All Cats are Grey in East London in 2010, offering bespoke screen printing services to artists and designers as well as continuing her personal print practice. 

ACAGP printed for the likes of C. Raeburn, Hato Press, Because Music, Jean Julien and Lex Recorded amongst others .

Delphine was inspired by the work of Bernard Buffet, Miró and later Atelier Bingo.

She was precise and loved the magic of screen-printing in the way the colours were brighter and particularly enjoyed it when layers were printed slightly off.


Delphine Noiztoy is a Southern French Tattoo Artist who decided to anchor herself in London in 2008. After years of letting her creativity speak through Skin she developed a Strong style as a “Heavy Black Worker”, from daunting full Black limbs, Brutal Brush strokes to delicate Watercolour Gradients and Dotwork Her Pallet is always in shades of Black but not on other Mediums!

On Paper She likes to explore all sorts of tones in Water-colour Portraits and has a special tender spot for Muted Tones that remind of The Poetically eerie rivers and lakes from the Pyrenees.


IG: delphinenoiztoy


Claire Mason is a graphic designer and writer who works mostly with books, publications, typography and language. This preoccupation has been a consistent presence within her work. She works with and for publishers such as Book Works, Four Corners and Penguin Books as well as collaborating with artists on publishing projects.

IG: shapethepage


Cathy Tabbakh is a French painter living and working in London. She holds degrees in both Fine Art (2011) and Art History & Archaeology (2017). 

Tabbakh’s work collides imaginary forms with existing landscapes. 

Her compositions incorporate a hint of surrealism, as to alter presumed proportion, and a saturated colour palette to punctuate emotion. Tabbakh’s work expresses her passion for green space combined with her love for contemporary interior design. 

In 2018, Tabbakh was included in a group show at theprintspace Gallery, London. That same year, Tabbakh collaborated with the charity, Art on a Postcard, at The Other Art Fair. In 2019, Tabbakh was included in Delphian Gallery’s debut summer exhibition. 


IG: cathytabbakh 


Since graduating from the Royal Academy Schools in 2002, Attridge’s practice has focused on exploring female sexuality through the use of different materials porcelain ,Drawings, Films, Etchings. Attridge produces small scale, delicately crafted figurative scenes and objects that are expressionistic and often overtly sexual. The sculptures recall portrayed love stories in an accessible visual language. Abstracted figures and forms set in a mythological landscape, frozen in this seductive and lustrous material. The scenes depicted are classical in theme and recall 17th century crafted miniatures and notions of the ready-made.

Her work has received reviews from The New York Times, Channel 4 News, ArtReview, the Evening Standard, and L Magazine. Publications include Design Behind Desire by Lisa Morgan (2011) and Nature Morte, Thames & Hudson (2013).

solo shows (2012-2013); Hearts of Oak, Asya Geisberg Gallery, New York (2011). Group exhibitions include Nature Morte, Guildhall Museum, London (2017-2018); In Your Face, Salisbury Art Centre, UK (2017); Cre2ekside Open, The Art in Perpetuity Trust, selected by Jordan Baseman & Alison Wilding, UK (2017). Body Kristin Hjellegjerde Gallery (2018); If You Can’t Stand the Heat, Roaming projects, Camden Arts Centre, London (2018); Artquest:PEER FORUM (2017-18) "Precious Clay" Museum of Royal Worcester, (2019-2019)   "The Loft "Alan Servais Family Collection, Brussels Till March 2020. Wellington club, "Tutti Fruitti", London April 2020 

IG: annieattridge  

Image Credit: Matthew Booth


AMOKE KUBAT remains curious about self, the natural world, and the Sacred. She is reclaiming an African Indigenous Spiritual sensibility to reconnect Black people to the natural world, as practice for holistic wellness. Self taught, Amoke uses artmaking and writing to continue to define herself and hold a position of wellness in an America sick with inequalities and inequities.

Her first play, ANGRY BLACK WOMAN & Well Intentioned White Girl had two sold out performances at Intermedia Arts in 2016. It continues to tour in Minneapolis and to rural Minnesota cities. As a Naked Stages fellow, her second play Old Good Pussy and Good Old Pussy at Pillsbury House in 2020.

Amoke is the creator of YO MAMA’s The Art of Mothering Workshops and YO MAMA’S HOUSE Cooperative.


Ain Bailey is a sound artist and DJ. She facilitates workshops considering the role of sound in the formation of identity and recently held a residency at the ICA, London.  Exhibitions in 2019 included ‘The Range’ at Eastside Projects, Birmingham; ‘RE:Respite’ at Transmission Gallery, Glasgow, Scotland, and ‘And We’ll Always Be A Disco In The Glow Of Love’, a solo show at Cubitt Gallery, London. Last year, Bailey was commissioned by Supernormal and Jupiter festivals to create and perform a new piece of work,  ‘Super JR’. Currently, following a commission by Serpentine Projects, she is conducting sound workshops with LGBTI+ refugees and asylum seekers.


Image credit: Alice Marcelino


Aida is an Iranian born; London based printmaker/ visual artist and educator and the founder of Print Is Power & Sisters In Print projects. Her outdoor public art installations include, Honk Kong Walls 2019, Shangri-La, Glastonbury Festival, Wood Street Walls, Adblock Bristol, Croydon Rise Festival & various Brandalism projects.

Aida’s fine art studio based serigraphy has been exhibited nationally & internationally. Her residency at the Women’s Art Library at Goldsmiths, Empowered PrintWorks (2015) was exhibited as part of the WARM Guerrillas: Feminist Visions exhibition in Minneapolis’s (2016). Her Credit Crunch poster was shown in Victoria & Albert Museums touring exhibition, A World To Win: Posters of Protest & Revolution (2014-2016). More recently exhibiting in Vienna’s Fine Art Academy, in Dark Energy, Feminist Organizing, Working Collectively (2019) and collaborating with Help Refugees UK on a number of projects that have been exhibited in Somerset House and Saatchi Gallery (2019)   


IG: aida_wilde