Join us for the Global Virtual Edition and spark your creativity by tuning into expert-led digital workshops (think: whipping up a simple cocktail and painting a bold acrylic) or having your portrait virtually drawn.

The only thing left to do is order our brand-new, ready-to-drink BOMBAY & Tonic canned cocktails, now in the UK and hitting U.S. shelves this month. Welcome inside!

Experience the Virtual Edition Fair with BOMBAY SAPPHIRE.

Wherever You Are,
Wherever You Want To G&T…
Virtual Portraits

To celebrate the US launch of the new Ready-To-Drink Bombay & Tonic this March we’re partnering with artists to create unique pieces of artwork – featuring you! Tell us where you would like to sip a Bombay & Tonic and you could have your idea brought to life by Lo Harris, Niki Dionne or Cat Willett! From ‘enjoying a Bombay & Tonic with a buddy at a picnic’ to ‘drinking a Bombay & Tonic on the moon’.
We’ll be selecting our favorite requests for our artists to sketch and showcasing them at the Global Launch Virtual Editions. So all you need to do is submit your info using the form below and we’ll be in touch to let you know if your request has been created.

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The Canvas Lab Digital Workshops

Still Life Painting with Zena Kay From
‘Still Here, Still Life’

Learn how to use acrylic paints to create a still life scene which expresses the beauty in everyday objects. Brought to you by BOMBAY SAPPHIRE. You must be of legal drinking age to view and share.

Bombay & Tonic Customization With Valentino Longo

Learn a bit about the Bombay & Tonic, why the two pair together so well, and how to make 3 upgraded versions at home. Brought to you by BOMBAY SAPPHIRE. You must be of legal drinking age to view and share.

Figurative Painting With Cortney Herron

Learn how to use abstract shapes and organic strokes to create whimsical figurative paintings. Brought to you by BOMBAY SAPPHIRE. You must be of legal drinking age to view and share.



What better way to be greeted than by a swirling landscape of colors that culminates in the perfect G&T serve? Find out what inspires the bold, Technicolor world of the mastermind behind our welcome video, animator and illustrator Lo Harris.


Enjoy the world’s number one premium gin as a bar-quality Gin & Tonic serve, whatever the occasion, wherever you are. A canned BOMBAY & Tonic made from vapour-infused London Dry Gin with natural flavors and the perfect balance of premium tonic water. A fresh, bubbly, superior taste experience.

Both BOMBAY & Tonic and BOMBAY & Light Tonic are best enjoyed cold, straight from the fridge.