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Here you’ll find all the information you need to help plan your day (or days!) at The Other Art Fair Brooklyn. We’re known for our immersive art experience, and we can’t wait for you to experience just that this May 18 – 21 —from interactive displays, murals, installations, live DJ sets, a fully stocked bar, and top NYC food trucks, there’s something for everyone!

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Who’s on your list? Explore the 120 game-changing artists exhibiting with us at Brooklyn Navy Yard this May.

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“Backstage at the Drag Show” – Front Entrance Installation by Artist NONAMEY

Nonamey’s immersive installation, “Backstage at the Drag Show”, offers a glimpse into the behind-the-scenes world of Drag, showcasing the dressing tables of a Drag King and a Drag Queen, with hanging dresses, suits, shelves of shoes and purses, and various accessories. The three-dimensional sculptures are made from recycled cardboard and painted thrifted clothing, with each sculpture appearing as two-dimensional drawings within a walkable space.

Through this installation, Nonamey celebrates the art form of Drag and explores their own gender expression as a trans, two-spirit individual. “Backstage at the Drag Show” serves as a direct commentary on the anti-drag and anti-LGBTQIA2S+ legislation sweeping the nation. It recognizes both the importance of this art form in our cultural history and as it continues to evolve today.

“In my work, I hope to present the absolute joy of Drag, from the clothing to the private moments one may take before taking the stage. The art form of Drag has crossed cultures and continents for centuries, and I firmly believe it must continue today through each of our fifty states.” – NONAMEY

New Futures Brooklyn Class of 2023

Sacha Carlos – Raps

Sacha (‘sa-tcha’) Carlos – Raps is a Filipina immigrant and self-taught artist based in Brooklyn. She specializes in stained glass, printmaking and illustrations. Her art practice is her rebellious demonstration against the good immigrant binary and the post-diasporic expectations for “first gens”. Through figurations and visual narratives, Sacha aims to provide memoiric totems that embrace the kaleidoscopic inner self and the absurd. It will always be an invitation for communal interaction and dialogue.




Arthur Midianga

Arthur Midianga is a Kenyan American expressionist based in Brooklyn, NY. Passionate about his craft from an early age, he is returning to the art world with a vengeance after working on Wall St for the last few years. After a decade long hiatus, he hit the scene in April 2021 with an exhibition at the Canvas in Soho, NY. Through each brush stroke, his art allows him to become an extension of his ancestral history, amplifying the voices of the unheard. His works has been exhibited across the world from Barclays Center with WNBA NY Liberty to Miami (WYN 317), NYC, Kansas City, and Portugal. 


David Zheng

David Zheng Born and raised in the Lower East Side of New York City, David’s photographs are an observation into the dynamics between the environment and those who inhabit them. Working primarily with analogue photographic materials and processes, David’s curiosity is shaped by the interaction between the materiality of a photograph, and the constant negotiation between chance and control.

Best known for his black and white analogue work and photo books, he has published three photo books, several of which are held in library collections such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York Public Library, and the Center for Book Arts.


Lowlife Tattoo | Evan Ishmael

Evan Ishmael (b. 1985) is a visual artist based in Brooklyn, NY.  A background in sculpture and design allows Evan to explore the properties of non-traditional materials in his paintings, using soot residue from a flame as a constant. Combining experimental components with traditional techniques and a minimalist aesthetic, he elevates the functionality of everyday items to create distinctive works of art that push the boundaries of an intensively restrictive medium.

Evan says of his process: “My work has always centered around the exploration of form. What started as an attempt to explore a new medium has evolved into a fascination with more complicated compositions. I begin each piece by envisioning myself building an organic object—sometimes a towering form, other times delicate or minimal ones. I continue to push my own limits with size as well as content.

At the fair, Ishmael will be  pushing the boundaries of art by exploring new territory. He is offering AI-generated tattoos, continuing his journey of creative exploration and experimentation.


Tattoo Appointments are on a first-come basis, all tattoos will be unique one-off flash.

Groundswell Interactive Mural

Founded 27+ yrs ago and with 600+ murals throughout New York,  Groundswell(@gswellmural) brings together art, youth and community to use art as a tool for social change. Transforming blank walls into sites of public dialogue. This summer there will be three more murals added within New York communities. Groundswell brings to the fair an interactive mural highlighting mural work of  Victor A. Saint-Hilaire’s, VASH ARTS.  Inspiring the next generation of artists and leaders – visitors to the fair can participate in its creation. 

Groundswell will showcase the work of VASH – Victor A. Saint-Hilaire (@vash_art) is a multidisciplinary artist residing in Yonkers, New York who specializes mainly in digital illustration, acrylic painting and murals. He graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology with a BFA in Illustration in 2013 and has been working with Groundswell as a Lead Artist Muralist since 2015 as well as a Freelance Artist. His artwork often revolves around spirituality and other abstract concepts depicted via storytelling inspired by religions, folklore, mythology and historical figures from different cultures. Victor utilizes a style that emulates simplicity and innocence while tackling subjects that delve deeper into the human psyche and the nature of our reality.

Goodness & Truth Tin-type Portraits

Goodness + Truth Studio Tintype Portraits 

Founded in August 2020, the Goodness + Truth Studio project seeks to connect with people through their art, creating intimate portraits in tintype, in public spaces. 

Tintype is an antique photographic method of producing unique, handmade images. Inherent to this chemical process, each photograph is made from scratch to finish, on-site. Everyone who handles a tintype of themselves or a loved one understands the intrinsic value of these irreplicable and precious artifacts. 

A special characteristic of the process is its culmination, wherein the portrait subject witnesses their visage emerge in an amazing chemical reversal from negative to positive, which we call The Revelation. This is why we believe that the true beauty of this unique process is—above its special aesthetic properties—how it empowers the sitter to interact with the making of their own image.

Price List 
4×5” portrait – $150
Shipping +$10

Framing +$225
Digitization and Retouching +$50

Each session takes 5-10 minutes.

Artist Murals

Discover murals by:

Alise Loebelsohn
Pathways in Orange
Booth 25

Ralph Lazar
Yes or No?
Booth 85

Courtney Minor
Multitudes Within
Booth 53

Elisa Valenti
My Shadow is Tired of Waiting for Me
Booth 69

Opening Night DJ’s

Get ready to groove on Opening Night with live DJ sets by Brooklyn’s hottest DJs.

Thursday, May 18


DJ Grabba Ranks

Friday Late Night Presented by Brooklyn Magazine

Newtown Radio is a freeform Internet radio station with a studio in Bushwick, Brooklyn, New York.


True Yorker (@trueyorkerbozo) is a Brooklyn-based break musician known for his unique sound and masked performances. With a career spanning several years, True Yorker has made a name for himself in the music industry with his genre-defying tracks and electrifying live performances.

Doug Witte (@dougwitte) cultivates a head-turning, foot-working audio ethos. Whether through progressive grooves, seething acid, or oblique underground, he delivers a strong aura that strikes hot across nostalgic and new-wave eclectic. After years of crate digging and performing DAW-based live sets, he has made his way onto the decks to deliver droves of high-conscious, warehouse waves via

Skewville Sneakers & Bar Installation

Readily Available – Bar Mural & Installation

Growing up in a coupon clipping culture is what inspired this Graphic Signage Series. 

The “No Frills” Skewville Lifestyle is eloquently portrayed in short phrases that speak beyond the intended consumerism.

When Dogs FLY

Skewville(@skewville)  is most known for its custom wooden sneakers. In the late 90’s,  the duo started witnessing the change of graffiti into the now ever popular street art movement. Stickers, posters and stencils cluttered every street corner in NYC. The need for a new media space gave birth to their sneaker mission. As kids they threw up their old sneakers over power lines once they got new ones.. It was a symbol of change and a way to represent the hood. In 1999 they started making their own custom sneakers to continue their childhood habits, since then thousands of pairs have been silkscreened on wood, hand cut, drilled, laced up and then tossed over power lines worldwide in a quest to go “All Globe”.


Sneakers Available – $125 – $500 – depending on Edition

Visit the Payment Desk & TOAF Store for more details. 



For those of you who don’t know, Skewville was an actual place. It was first inhabited by Ad & his twin brother, Droo, circa 1996. “Skewville” was originally coined for the building’s warped structure as well as their crooked sense. In some circles, the term “Skewville” now stands for a specific urbanized style and/or a mythical collective that transcended the original structure. Still After decades, they continue to build their “street cred”, but have also crossed over to the gallery scene implementing the same urban-feel indoors. While always evolving their Ideology, the Skewville style will continue to to be a New york Classic.



“Studio Dialogues I” – Presented by The Brooklyn Navy Yard

“Studio Dialogues I”

Millie Benson

JC Cancedda

Minku Kim

Jackie Meier

Get ready to be captivated by Studio Dialogues I, a group exhibition curated by The Exhibits & Programs Department at the Brooklyn Navy Yard. Featuring the works of four Yard-based artists, Millie Benson, JC Cancedda, Minku Kim, and Jackie Meier, this exhibition is a must-see. Explore Benson’s stunning paintings inspired by recent advances in space telescopes, or Cancedda’s striking photographs that showcase the beauty found in adversity. Kim’s oil paintings offer a glimpse into psychological spaces with parallel brush marks and rich colors, while Meier’s work merges the geometric and organic in an unexpected way.


“Everything Will Be Ok” by Juri Rhyu – Presented by Arts Gowanus

Discover the hidden gems of Brooklyn’s arts community with Arts Gowanus! As a not-for-profit organization, they work tirelessly to support and promote local artists and sustainable art practices.

Immerse yourself in the world of Juri Rhyu’s installation “Everything Will Be Ok” and witness the magic as she captures the intricate nuances of universal emotions and offers a comforting haven to all those who experience her work.

Aliyah Bonnette Presented by Bed Stuy Art Residency

Aliyah Bonnette (@sweetpeachlee) is a featured artist of BSAR. She taught herself the process of quilting to connect with her ancestors and construct stories of blackness, femininity, and sexuality. Learn more about her work here.

Bed Stuy Art Residency is a Brooklyn-based live-work space for artists to create, explore, and connect. For the past seven years, they have supported artists in their artistic endeavors. Learn more here.


Founded in Brooklyn over ten years ago, 3walls promotes the work of talented local artists. 3walls makes significant, excellent and affordable art available through pop-ups and private consulting.

This year, 3walls is proud to sponsor two exceptional artists at the fair: Re McBride and Reid+Factor, a collaborative effort between Margaret Reid Boyer and Jodie Factor.

The Other Store x Magic Castles

Step into the soon-to-be-launched mystical merch shop in collaboration with the ‘never-ending band of misfits’ that is Magic Castles, exclusive to our 2023 global fairs. Discover a limited edition line of shoppers, tees, and caps designed with magic and art in mind. Prepare to be spellbound.

The Taskrabbit Installation Station

Visit the Taskrabbit Installation Station to get connected with skilled Taskers who can hang your artwork and help bring your home decor visions to life!

Find them next to our payment desk to receive an exclusive $20 discount to help you hang your new piece.


Swing by the outdoor lounge area where you’ll find delicious eats from some of Brooklyn’s top eats.

Coffee Partner: Citizen Caravan

Get your caffeine fix and more at Citizen Caravan! They will be serving up their unique beverages and other goodies.


At the fair Thursday through Sunday,

Mom’s Momo

Feeling adventurous? Try authentic handmade Tibetan momo dumplings by Mom’s Momo.

At the fair Thursday through Sunday.

Empire Barbeque

Experience the best meal on wheels with Empire BBQ.

At the fair Thursday through Sunday.

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