The Other Art Fair October Programme


Showcasing work by over 130 contemporary artists, specially selected by an expert-led selection committee, each edition of the fair provides visitors with the opportunity to discover and buy art directly from emerging artists - your chance to invest in the maker!


London Futures unveils the work of 20 emerging artists exhibiting in the city for the first time. 



Making their fair debut this October, Saatchi Art launch their pioneering 'Invest in Art 2016' series.

Alongside The Other Art Fair's 130 talented artists, Saatchi Art presents 15 of this year's most promising UK Fine Art graduates, a chance to discover and acquire the work of outstanding emerging artists at the start of their careers.


Exclusive to The Other Art Fair, Guest Artist Tracey Emin will showcase signed, limited edition prints and plaster sculptures, 'Grand Hotell II', 'Move' and 'Me Me', for visitors to buy from £350. 

With a limited edition of each print and sculpture available, this is an unmissable opportunity to own artwork by one of contemporary art's most cherished artists.

TRACEY EMIN, 'Grand Hotel II', 45.7 x 53.5 cm, Edition of 100, Unframed £1,100 / Framed £1,850

'Grand Hotel II' was taken from a series of recent gouaches by Tracey Emin. This self-portrait was originally shown in the most recent Royal Academy Summer Show 2016. Exclusively at The Other Art Fair five unframed prints of this edition and one specially framed print will be for sale. 

TRACEY EMIN, 'Me Me', 7.5 x 2.1 x 2.1 cm, Edition of 100, £350

“Me Me” is Emin International’s only Limited Edition scuplture to date. It is an edition of 100, each hand signed and numbered on the reverse. 

TRACEY EMIN, 'Move', 48 x 58cm, Edition of 50, £850

A limited edition of 50. This print is taken from one of Tracey Emin’s latest gouache drawings, which featured in her most recent exhibition ‘Stone Love’ at Lehmann Maupin, New York. 


Presenting a dedicated series of unique and creative workshops inviting you to embrace your inner artist. Visit our Workshop page for more information.
Book in advance. Limited availability of tickets. 


  • Friday 7 October 5.30pm-7.30pm
  • Sunday 9 October 11.30am-1.30pm


  • Saturday 8 October 3pm-5pm
  • Saturday 8 October 5pm-7pm


  • Sunday 9 October 2pm-3.30pm
  • Sunday 9 October 4pm-5.30pm




The Guardian's first virtual reality piece “6x9” places viewers in an interactive, virtual segregation cell.

Created in collaboration with content creation studio The Mill, the film aims to highlight the psychological deterioration and sensory deprivation that can be the effects of long term solitary confinement for the people who have experienced it first hand around the world.

Watch the 360 degree video experience here and experience it at the fair.


The Brexit Photo Booth will reflect a post-Brexit world, with portraits exhibited across three walls according to the nationality of the subjects. One wall will feature solely UK citizens. Another will have EU (minus UK) citizens, and the final will show people from the rest of the world

During the fair a photographic portrait of post-Brexit Britain will be created.

Each person will be photographed by acclaimed artist Jasper Joffe using a high resolution medium format camera, and two A4 prints will be made in archival quality ink. One will be exhibited immediately at the fair, while the other can be taken home by the visitor for only £10.

[image credit:]

Jasper Joffe is an internationally exhibited artist. He has been described as “London’s premier artist/curator” (Vogue Online) and “precociously talented” (The Guardian). His projects include The Free Art Fair at the Barbican in 2009, an art fair where all the art was given away for free. He is an artist, writer, and publisher.


Bring back the nostalgia of receiving something good in the post with Not-Another-Bill's vintage trike wielding post man and The Artful Postcard.

Visitors can send unique works of art to their friends, family or even themselves all in postcard form. Simply pick up a blank, stamped postcard from Not-Another-Bill's postman, fill in the delivery address and pop it into his very own postbox.

20 select participating fair artists will then decorate, design and doodle over the postcards as they wish. In keeping with Not-Another-Bill’s ethos of making letterboxes more magical, all will be diligently sent onwards so that the recipients receive a sweet surprise on their doorstep following the fair!


Not-­Another-­Bill is a unique gift subscription service delivering it’s subscribers a carefully curated surprise present in the post each month.. ‘It all started when we realised that no ­one got anything good in the post anymore, just pizza menus and bills. Since then we’ve made it our mission to make letterboxes a more magical place. Now, at the start of each month our subscribers receive a beautifully wrapped and carefully curated surprise present in the post. The presents we send are not available on the high street, we work exclusively with designers to create truly unique gifts. From our boxes, ribbons and beautiful tissue paper to the personalised letter explaining the collaboration, we really consider how every detail of the experience looks and feels.



Lend an ear to the Let's Be Brief pop-up school as they present their Soap Box series: three creative entrepreneaurs. One soap box. 10 minutes of complete freedom to talk openly about whatever they want. Not your bog-standard art fair talks programme. Speakers include:

TINA ROWE, Friday 7 October, 6.30pm

Photographic artist Tina expands on her slingshot journey through art education. Tina has been an associate at the Open School East since 2015, a unique space bringing together emerging artists and a multifaceted events programme.

TAMIKA ABAKA-WOOD, Saturday 8 October, 3pm

Tamika has worked in the field of research and insights: travelling to Ethiopia, Nigeria and Rwanda for the 'Girl Effect' radio show and magazine; working with the NHS's mental health unit; and assisting a PhD phonetics doctoral thesis.

RHYS CHAPMAN, Sunday 9 October, 3pm

Filmaker Rhys, best known for his work on WONDERED, a film raising awareness about the lack of openly gay professionals playing football, will consider filmmaking as a tool for social change, education and entertainment.

Let’s Be Brief (LBB) is a platform that bridges the gap between culture & business for creative entrepreneurs and community.

LBB is creative learning & practise 21st Century style. We do not fit neatly into prescriptive boxes. Instead we run with the beta. We choose transformation, over categorisation, because that’s where the excitement lies.


A series of engaging expert-led talks that question the intersection and evolution of technology, art and culture, lending a fresh perspective on Contemporary Art.

Friday 7 October: The Power Of Art To Create Social Change, 12.30-1.30pm

  • Kevin Zuchowski Morrison Director, Founder of RISE Gallery
  • Anisa Haghdadi Social entrepreneur, TEDx speaker, former Sky Academy scholar 

Saturday 8 October: Exploring New Technology With Arts, 12.30-1.30pm

  • Rebecca Wilson Chief Curator and VP, Art Advisory of Saatchi Art
  • Jose Montemayor Digital Artist 

Sunday 9 October: Finding Your Own Path To Success As An Artist, 12.30-1.30pm​

  • Sarah Williams Head of Art Buying, MC Saatchi
  • Elle Kaye Taxidermy Artist 


The Art Conference is a conference and arts festival exploring the intersection and evolution of technology, art and culture, bringing together global visionaries and creating a platform to discuss, connect and engage with contemporary art from a fresh perspective. Our inaugural TAC#01 welcomed 1500 visitors, 180 conference attendees and 18 international keynote speakers over two days in London Bridge.


Cubetto is a playful wooden robot that helps young children (3+) discover programming through storytelling, adventure and collaboration. It’s the first coding toy of its kind to work without a screen or digital interface, and lets children learn to code before they can read or write. 

Throughout the fair the makers of Cubetto will host a workshop to teach children (and some adults) how to code using their innovative toy.

Workshops are free to attend, on a first-come-first-serve basis. Timings are as follows:

  • Friday 7 October: 1pm-1.45pm
  • Friday 7 October: 3pm-3.45pm
  • Saturday 8 October: 11.30am-12.15pm
  • Saturday 8 October: 1.30pm-2.15pm

** The Cubetto Coding Workshops are suitable for all ages, from 3 years and up. 

The Cubetto Playset makes coding accessible to children in preliterate years, introducing core programming concepts like debugging, the queue, and recursions, and encouraging computational thinking: the process of breaking down tasks into a logical sequence of steps to reach an objective. By taking coding away from the screen, and using a hands-on, block-based programming language, Cubetto develops these skills and logic in a way specifically tailored for early learning.

Primo is the go-to brand for parents and educators who want to encourage young girls and boys to explore the digital world they live in. Our smart, screenless toys are powered by a hands-on coding language specifically designed for children in pre-literate years, providing fun learning experiences for curious little minds with big imaginations.

In a digital world where more and more devices are becoming connected, coding skills have taken on a new significance. We believe coding should be introduced at the same time as reading, writing, or maths, so we created the Cubetto Playset to make computational thinking and programming logic truly accessible to children in preliterate years.

Cubetto is an educational toy for girls and boys aged 3+. Whether at school or at home, young children can use Cubetto to learn about coding. It’s their first step into the world of programming, and gives girls and boys the language and logic necessary to understand code later in life. Cubetto is also a classroom resource for educators. From those struggling with the computing syllabus, to those who are simply looking for a more inspiring way to implement it, Cubetto is the perfect companion for the the new curriculum.

For more infomation visit:


Rest easy at conceptual artist Anna Fafaliou's globe-trotting 'Sleep' installation, a choreographed sleeping session for art loving visitors

Anna Fafaliou is a London based conceptual and visual artist.

"Fascinated by the Colour Theory and the relationship between the colour white and memory, I create imaginary environments questioning the visual & physical ways of experiencing materiality and how we perceive, process and record our immediate environment.

My practice is based on the distortion of commonplace objects, materials and forms in order to create new dialogues between them and the viewer, observing the disruption of familiarity to them. Living in a consumer society, we tend to justify ourselves through our belongings; thus we associate our emotions and memories with materials and objects.

My work focuses on the fluidity and instability of our visual perception and memory in relation to the physical presence, and how spatial relationships can be disrupted and are open to interpretation. Inspired by the notion of memory, identity & visual perception I create installations & performances exploring the relationship between object, memory and space. The play between reality & abstraction stands at the forefront of my projects."


Presenting an eclectic food and drink pop-up experience to truly get excited about. 

Celebrate #YearOfTheTaco with DF/Mexico, London's modern Mexican diner shaped by traditional flavours and American influences. Get ready for hot, fresh and tasty Mexican food with an exciting twist!

Quench your thirst with a cold craft beer from the Meantime Brewery Bar, an award-winning modern craft brewery pioneering the UK's craft beer movement.



Younger visitors can unleash their artistic flair and participate in creative art activities and crafty challenges in the Kids Create corner.

** Children’s activities free of charge and suitable for all ages.
** Visitors under the age of 16 can enter the fair free of charge.


Our friends at Own Art will make buying art at The Other Art Fair a whole lot easier by letting you spread the cost of your new purchase over a period of 10 months with an interest free loan.

It couldn't be more simple - once you've chosen the artwork you want, just head over to the Own Art desk where we will help you set up your 10 month payment plan, from there you're free to go with your new art work in hand!

For any questions, please get in touch.

Download the Own Art FAQs here.