Greener Future

In 2019, The Other Art Fair is setting itself the challenge of creating a Greener Future... 

Teaming up with Broadcaster and Head of Collections at Soho House Kate Bryan as curator, we have programmed a year-long series of events, initiatives and exhibitions to take the steps to becoming more sustainable.

In our efforts to join the greener side at our July London edition, we will be hosting a number of exciting new features.  See our full programme below

Fair Founder Ryan Stanier introduces our new venture for 2019 and beyond - A 'Greener Future'

"I started The Other Art Fair back in 2011 to support unrepresented artists. Since then we have sold over 20,000 artworks, welcomed over 200,000 visitors and worked with more than 3,000 artists across 20 countries.

Eight years on and our mission has expanded. I believe we can still do more but in order to continue working with artists, and developing events which both stimulate and surprise our audiences, we must aim to do this in a sustainable way.

Events so often have a negative impact on the environment and an art fair is no different. We have therefore set ourselves the challenge to be more thoughtful in every decision we make as an organisation and our commitment is to be as environmentally aware as possible. We are now working towards being wholly sustainable and across all our fairs we are taking steps to get much closer to that.

To do this we are working with Broadcaster and Head of Collections at Soho House – Kate Bryan. Kate is very passionate about the sustainability and she will be curating a number of initiatives to highlight many of the issues faced by both artists and organisations like ourselves.

The Other Art Fair is committed to making a difference. I believe we are currently having a positive impact on the art world by cultivating the emerging part of the market, but in order to create art we need a healthy world to be both inspired by and to live in.

It’s yet another reason we are The “Other” Art Fair." Ryan Stanier, Founder of The Other Art Fair

'Lightness of Being' by Art Upcycle artist Chris Levine


Art Upcyle is a new initiative where we will be reviving your unwanted artwork by a creative talent!  Bring your unloved artwork to the fair and have them transformed into one of a kind original artworks!

Read below for our schedule of artists and booking details:

Thursday 4 July, 6pm-8pm - Chris Levine 

Friday 5 July, 6pm-8pm  - Adam Bridgland 

Saturday 6 July, 2pm-4pm - Archie Proudfoot 


More information here:


Light artist Chris Levine works across multiple mediums in pursuit of an expanded state of perception and awareness through image and form.


Adam Bridgland uses a diverse range of materials and working methods to pursue an incisive and often witty exploration of British sentiments.


Artist and sign painter Archie Proudfoot utilizes the techniques and aesthetics of traditional signage in his work to explore our relationships with language.

Final Artist Announcing Soon!


Inspired by natural forms, Stéphanie Kilgast’s artwork is an ode to nature and its current biodiversity. Plants, mushrooms, insects and other animals encounter in a vibrant swirl of colors under her brush or sculpting tools.

Since 2017, in her series “Discarded Objects”, she grows colorful organic sculptures on human-made objects, celebrating the beauty of nature in a dialogue with humanity, questioning the lost balance between human activities and nature.
Her work has a cheerful post apocalyptic feel to it, a reassuring reminder that nature has the capacity to grow back, if we only let it.

Her miniature work and more recent sculptures have been exhibited in America, Asia and Europe.

French, Born in 1985, Frankfurt am Main, Germany, currently resides in Vannes, France.


Reuse is the name of the game. To help us reduce single-use plastic at the fair, we are excited to announce that we have collaborated with artist David Shrigley to create an exclusive reusable cup for visitors to buy, only available at The Other Art Fair!

The exclusive cups can be bought in advance or purchased onsite at the fair.  There are only a limited number available, so don't miss out!  For more information, click here