Fair Programme


In this room in the corner of the Fair, we don’t paint. We don’t sculpt, we don’t collage, we don’t photograph. We leave that to the people outside, the people who call themselves artists. In here, there is a different kind of challenge. It might be something you do every day, but that doesn’t make it easy. There is an art to these things, after all.

Bring the calling card you get as you arrive to the white room for a 15-minute performance art event that totally depends on you. Just join queue 1, or queue 2, and soon everything will become clear.

Following April’s untitled (audio with pen), in which Fair visitors imagined themselves as renegade art vandals, non zero one return to The Other Art Fair with an interactive performance event that puts visitors right at the centre, and questions who the artists are after all.

Who are non zero one?

non zero one make interactive performances that enable participants to have both shared and personal experiences. the company’s work activates people by exploring the relationships between them and using creative approaches to space and technology. both playful and challenging, it raises questions that resonate long after the performances themselves. the six artists collaborate to devise, produce and manage all of non zero one’s work.



Known for its mouthwatering burgers and crinkle cut fries crisped to perfection, Soho House's Dirty Burger is the best way for art lovers to refuel during London's busiest art week. Just a bun's throw from the famous Shoreditch restaurant, this pop-up at the fair will present their classic cheeseburgers, Dirty Cop-Out and Dirty Bacon burgers to our visitors. Delicious!



We are proud to announce that one of British contemporary art’s most exciting artists, Polly Morgan, will be selling a new collection of prints specifically created for the fair.

Celebrated for her intriguing sculptures that challenge and dismantle taxidermy traditions, Polly's new series of elegantly coiled snakes will be presented at the fair with exclusive hand-finished prints available for visitors to buy.

This is your chance to buy a unique work from the collection that everyone is talking about. Book your ticket to the fair now to ensure you have every opportunity to add a Polly Morgan to your collection.


Hackney Wick’s canal-side craft brewery will be serving up its tasty range of beers and other tipples. DJ's and live performances all fair.



This October we will once again be sharing our home with Moniker Art Fair, London’s major event for contemporary art with its roots embedded in urban culture.

Moniker Art Fair spotlight emerging and established talent, celebrating a generation of artists at the forefront of a unique contemporary art movement; attracting some of the most talked about artists, galleries and collectors from the finer side of the street art movement and its related subcultures.

 2014 Fair highlights include:

  • Moniker experiential artist installations
  • Moniker/ Jealous affordable screen print editions
  • Street art tours & fair walk-throughs

See www.monikerartfair.com for full programme.


Back in April's fair we invited younger visitors to immerse themselves in the art at the fair this year.

Thank you to all adventurers who took part and entered the competition.

Below are April's winner and runner-up…

This October unleash your child’s artistic flair as they follow a creative treasure hunt around the fair and complete arty challenges. Suitable for ages 3-10.