Soozy Lipsey

Soozy Lipsey

Miss Abundance
Taxidermy Rabbit ears in purse within Victorian glass dome
34 x 25 x16cm

Miss S Liberty
Vintage suitcase, and letterbox frame
31 x50 x15 cm

Oil painting in victorian frame box
Oil on canvass within glass frame box
37 x51 x6 cm

Vintage hoover with feathers and dust
50 30 x10 cm

My work seeks to expose the complexities and banalities of human existence, through the medium of object and narrative, photography and oil painting. I work mainly with familiar obsolete objects and flip them into the unfamiliar, in the quest to re examine and redefine the objects meaning , and our relationship to it..

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BA Honors Fine art/Textiles Goldsmiths

Every experience in my life has value to my work .

Finding humour in life.