Adam Batchelor
Welcome to Nollywood, 2012
Pencil, coloured pencil on paper

38cm x 56cm

Henry Jackson Newcomb
All Kinds Of Ships, 2012
Mixed media on canvas

50cm x 40cm

John Walters
From Pixel To Pixel, 2012
Silkscreen on wooden board

20cm x 20cm

James Hassall
All That is Solid Melts Into Air, 2012
Gloss, oil and acrylic on canvas

50cm x 40cm

SAVORR is a bi-monthly open submission exhibition, social event and artistic platform that launched from June 2011 in Norwich. At each SAVORR we also feature the work of one artist or collective alongside the open submission show, 2012 will host artists including Lucy Conochie, Flora Parrot, Patrick Coyle and Victoria Gray. The year of exhibitions will be concluded with the launch of a publication documenting the events at a group exhibition of all the featured artists in London, April 2013.

For The Other Art Fair we are bringing a dynamic selection of works from 14 artists. Our stand will feature a changing hang, with all the work being shown over the course of the weekend, alongside a portfolio of limited edition prints..

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Artists SAVORR will be bringing to The Other Art Fair:


Adam Batchelor

Anthony Zinonos

Benedict Hemmens

Gareth Bayliss

George Browne

Georgia Dodson

Henry Jackson Newcomb

James Hassall

John Walters

Kyle Gregg

Patrick Coyle

Rachel Kurdynowska

Simon Welfare

Telfer Stokes