Rosh keegan

Rosh keegan

It wasn't Me - Great White Northern Rhino
Stoneware clay
50cm(h) x 20cm(w)

Worrrier _ Nijinsky
Stoneware clay
60cm(h) x25cm(w)

Stoneware clay, feathers
65cm(h) x35cm(w)

Stoneware Clay
50cm(h) x 30cm(w)

Clay is a glorious medium and sculpting it into my beasts is what brings me immeasurable joy. Literature, culture,taxidermy all inform the many archetypal characters I create. The heritage of Indian descent with an African upbringing no doubt plays a crucial role in my creativity. A life long lover and observer of animals great and small, I have endless creations vying to emerge and take on their very own characteristics.

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Studying ceramics, hand building, throwing and sculpture since 2002.
Producing and selling sculptural work since 2011.

Winner of the V&A 2011 Inspired By competition.
Several internal awards from the Working Men’s College.