Richard White

Richard White

Golden Lake
Oil on Linen
100 x120cm

Oil on Linen
120 x100cm

Lost in Pink
Oil on Linen
120 x100cm

Yellow Trees
Oil on Linen

In my bold and vibrant paintings, I explore nature close up in woodlands and its ponds or more recently in mountain forests in Aspen, Colorado after a residency. I am drawn to corners of the landscape that could be seen to some unremarkable, but I find their structure, often with the sunlight on them to be fascinating, full of color, and a mass of intertwined interesting shapes.

Sunlight has always been an inspiration and fascination in the different ways it affects nature, how abstract forms are made when shadows are cast over leaves, or how colours can become electric. The effects of light and reflections on water also hold a fascination, for their continual movement and abstract qualities. It is these initial observations that are the inspiration for my paintings.

The paintings have their origin in black and white photographs that I have taken, and then, through a fairly labor intensive process I construct the paintings, deciding intuitively on the palette, and allowing the over all feeling of the painting to develop as the painting grows with out any preconceived I idea of the finished result. This is how some of the paintings can have dream like qualities, as colors are often strange and evidently not real.

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Fine Art, BA Hons Northumbria University at Newcastle

Foundation Course, Wimbledon School of Art

Solo Exhibitions
12.2011 Works on Paper, 52 Meters, London
07.2010 Campden Gallery, Gloucestershire
04.2008 Parallel Places, Myerson Fine Art
04.2006 Natural Elements, Hamiltons, London

Group Exhibitions

06.2011 Incite, Myerson Fine Art, London
04.2009 Collectives, Myerson Fine Art
10.2008 Collate, Group Show, Art London
11.2007 Chase, Royal College of Art
11.2007 The Discerning Eye, The Mall Galleries
10.2007 Art London, Waterhouse and Dodd, London
06.2006 Ben Brown, Motion on Paper, Group Show, London
05.2005 Hamiltons, Group Show, London
12.2004 Mark Jason Fine Art, Group Show, London
10.2004 Scope Art Fair, Slingshot Project, London
09.2004 On-the-Wall Art Fair, Olympia
01.2004 Laurier, Florence de Voldere, Paris
12.2003 Sarah Myerscough Gallery, London
12.2003 Scope Art Fair, Slingshot Project, Miami
06.2003 ArtLondon, Stephen Lacey Gallery, London
09.2002 The Air Gallery, Dover Street, London
05.2002 Burst, Slingshot Project, New York
01.2002 Art2002, Stephen Lacey Gallery, London
11.2001 A Sense of Things, Stephen Lacey Gallery, London
06.2001 Start a Collection, Art First, London
06.2001 ArtLondon, Stephen Lacey Gallery, London
05.2001 Elements, Black and White Gallery, London
05.2000 Degree Show, Northumbria University, Newcastle

Wilderness Workshop, Aspen, USA

Art Competitions
Jerwood Drawing Prize

The Discerning Eye Competition

Channel Five National Art Competition, Prize Winner

British Airways Travel Award for Newcastle