Kruti Patel

Transitory Window Part 1
Ink on Paper

594mm x 420mm

Pencil, Ink and photographic print on paper

594mm x 420mm

Pencil on paper

841mm x 594mm

Photographic print on paper

594mm x 420mm

I am a newly qualified architect having recently completed my Part 3 Examination in Professional Practise and Management in Architecture from The Bartlett School of Architecture.

I am motivated by the challenge of creating beautiful, appropriate design that enhances its social context and am a multi-disciplinary designer that enjoys working in a range of mediums from ink to acrylic and water colour to produce evocative and intelligent design.

The work I have attached focuses on the idea of ‘Architecture through the window’, where the ideas of presents stories of journeys and actions that are marked out by the citation of the place that result from or authorise them.

My window questions concealment, viewed as a focal point at which bonded spaces like a room is voided of the overtone of voyeurism that attaches to looking into a room. Therefore, the frames become an instrument that mutilates and the windowpane becomes the carriers of the view that is joined in a metamorphosis by an obstacle on the road. Spatially, limits are drawn by the points at which the appropriations and displacements (internal and external movements) meet.

‘Transitory Window Part 1’ combines interior still life with the window view of the distant landscape. The studio window represents the artist’s eye upon the world where one is now working with the active and passive vision of the poetic power of daily objects.

My representation through the window of the train is questioning visual movement, at which a train of momentary images split into frames based around the retinal and memory images pieced together as a filmstrip.

The foreground, middle ground and background are condensed in an image onto the flat surface of the window (canvas) by means of vertical and horizontal bars.

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2009 – 2011 UCL (The Bartlett) RIBA Part III
Part 3 Examination in
Professional Practice and
Management in Architecture

2006 – 2008 Nottingham University
Dip Arch – RIBA Part II (Merit)

2002 – 2005 Nottingham University
BArch (Hons) – RIBA Part I

2008 – April 2011
Bell Associates, Croydon, Part III Architectural Assistant
P r o j e c t : Atwood Primary School, Reception Classroom & Nursery Extension, Approx £400,000.00
Worked as Lead Project Architect, acting as the main point of contact in order to gain the Part 3 Qualification in Architecture. Led and managed the project team whilst producing the concept and detailed design. Obtained responsibility for contractor and client liaison and on-site construction decision. Produced the fee proposal and issuing of all tender documentation.

P r o j e c t : Swarovski UK Retail Stores, UK National, Approx £200,000.00
Role entailed : Feasibility study, Initial Design Concept Detailed Design, Chair Meetings, Site Visits, Survey, Client & Contractor Liaison, Mechanical, Ventilation, Lighting Details, Planning Applications, Scheme Delivery, production of Fee Proposals, Valuations, As Built Issues & Certifications.

Dec 2005 – Feb 2006 / June 2004 – Sept 2004
Robinson Architects, Shipley, Part I Architectural Assistant
P r o j e c t : The Channel, Bradford, Multimillion Pound Regeneration Commercial Scheme & Manchester Schools Framework
The Channel is a mixed-use project in Bradford as part of a 10-year period development providing a catalyst for regeneration based around Will Alsop’s masterplan. Assisted in the Initial Design Concept, Project Viability, Detailed Design Development, Client Presentations, Technical Detailing and the Delivery Documents.

I am a fully qualified Architect and successfully worked in an architectural practise whilst pursuing my passion for the arts.

Alongside studying for my Part II degree in Architecture, I was a full time tutor for 2nd year architecture students, working among a series of professional within varying disciplines ranging from architecture, art and media and photography. The teaching ethic within the unit offered students the potential to demonstrate unique alternatives to design in response to individual interests through a communication of model making.

During 2006 I travelled to Australia and Southeast Asia where I gained greater respect for different cultures and backgrounds as I pursued my travels, further gaining a more informed understanding of living and working within a new setting. My travelling experience has allowed me to gain more confidence and independence where the use of initiative was paramount.