Title: Belarus Landscape
Diptych Oils on canvas
23.5 "x 35.5 "x 1.5" - 23.5 "x 35.5 "x 1.5"

Title: The Bodhisattva (close)
Term has sometimes been translated as "wisdom-being," a hologram type
Image created using fresnel lens, drawing, paper, crayon pencil
16.0 x 24.2 x 6.2 Inches

Title: Green Wolf (close)
Oils on canvas
The wolf kisses the Red Riding Hood tart and becomes a green Rapunzel
Full Size; 19 x 33inches

Title: Green Wolf (close 2)

Title: The Gynecologist and The Patient
Triptych Oil on gesso primes canvas panels
48" x 36.75 " 48" x 72"48" x 36.75

I am an artist and a magician, believing that art can reach beyond aesthetics and into the unconscious mind.

My haunted landscapes and magic objects, which I will be showing in the fair, incorporate ritual and are devised by projecting the thoughts that happen in the imaginary realms concealed beneath the logic and reason of the mind.

Past work has included award winning animated films and a 45 minute performance in the tradition of a Victorian Séance, using the supernatural as subject matter. Convincing participants of my ability to sculpt time. See the links below:

'There's no one way of looking at JoWonder's work. There's no one way of looking at anything! We only have to shut one eye and you get a different angle, turn our head quickly for another, so imagine (ha) what the brain can do through the lens of our perceptions, our values, memory, body and past. There can also be a backward telescopic journey into childhood, when our imaginations were quite erotic - as a part of our life force- at a time before we become erotic.' Jan Woolf.

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My  work has been exhibited and broadcast across internationally including:

T1+2 Gallery Annex Projects , Camden Arts Centre, New Contemporaries- ICA, Whitechapel Open, Alnolfini Bristol, Tate Britain, Guildford Cathedral.  ’BachModern Project’ Austria, Sofia Bulgaria, Bangkok Thailand, Hamburg , Stuttgart, Washington DC Arts Centre, Chamalieres, Annecy, Madrid, Zagreb republic of Croatia, Krakow Poland, Toronto Canada.

I am interested in meeting with the public along side my paintings, which is why an art fair appeals to me.

I am also a performer and a magician.

 I have recently sold work in several auctions alongside prestigious artists who I admire such as; Banksy, Antony Gormley and Anish Kapoor.

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