Eth Estevel
100 cm x 100cm

Two people in a room
acrylic on steel plate
60 cm x 40 cm

Red Flag
100 cm x 100 cm

laser print
90 cm x 90 cm

Firebrand Artists Projects is a small collective of artists who have liaised frequently on presenting group shows, projects, and who actively engage with other artists and curators to develop ideas/work. The group operates from atudios in London and Brighton. The founder mebers are Patrick Morrissey, Hanz Hancock and Alex Dipple. They have recently been selected for group shows in Detroit, New York. Morrissey was recently selected for the ALISN show in East London, and both he and Hancock are selected for three major shows in the new year in London.

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Morrissey- BA , MFA

International established artists

Hancock and Morrissey work as a pair. Their rate of progression through local exhibition to New York city has taken place over three years. Their success rate has been exponential and rising.