Delphine lebourgeois

Delphine lebourgeois

Deesse II
Pencil + Digital collage - Limited Edition giclee print

Deesse V "Goodbye Kisses"
Limited Edition giclee print + Inks

Deesse IV "The Wolves"
Pencil + Digital collage - Limited Edition giclee print
885x610 mm

Deesse III
Pencil + Pen + Digital collage - Limited Edition giclee print

Delphine Lebourgeois (b 1976), a graduate from Ecole Nationale des Beaux-Arts de Lyon, and from Central St Martins, has been working in London as an artist for more than ten years.

Throughout her latest 3 solo shows in London “Papillionades, A&D Gallery 2007”, “Amazons and Other stories, Coningsby Gallery 2009”, and “Over the Cover, Frameless gallery - 2011”, Lebourgeois has constantly renewed her intimate exploration of emotions that she identifies as creative energies. Anger, Fear and Joy are amongst the emotions portrayed in her latest on going series “Deesses”. In “Deesse VI” (work in progress), an androginous figure bears the weight of a volcano helmet from which erupt falling women holding the heads of decapitated men. Inspired by Judith and Holoferne, and not devoid of a certain dose of humour, “Deesse VI, the Fall” turns its feminist content upside down and playfully subverts the code of symbols as we know it.

Intuitive and fuelled with romantic visions , Lebourgeois's images are collages in their making as well as in the way the ideas are built: incongruous elements play with each other and grow organically into a beautiful, and surreal universe. Fascinated by hats and other head-dresses, many of her figures are adorned by a piece of eccentric millinery, sometimes no less than a fragment of land or a genealogy tree. These headpieces act as poetic metaphors hinting at the subject’s emotions, dreams and aspirations.

Lebourgeois explains her process: "All the drawings are done by hand with pen or pencils on chinese paper and then later coloured and composed digitally. Most of my images are constructed over weeks even months, until a global architecture emerges. The images change continuously, inform each other...I add or remove layers, even swap them from one picture to the next until an harmony is reached. The simmering time is very important, and the creative process has a performative quality. I like to be surrounded by an “in waiting” body of work, alive with numerous possibilities of outcome"

Following the previous “Army of Brides” and “Army”, her latest released image DEESSES V “Nine Goodbye Kisses”, explores the idea of repetition and broken patterns. Lines and colours are layered and entwined in a rich and colourful graphic "lace" which in some parts becomes nearly abstract.

“ I have been looking at patterns in many of my previous works. Their role in my images is to reunite the ornamental with the conceptual, to bring together the specifications of the purely decorative with the original qualities of story telling. At first sight there is this strong colourful design hopefully catching people's attention only to reveal itself when looking closer with a compelling layer of narrative details. Furthermore, by taking the pattern out of its usual decorative context and mixing it with other unique elements, my aim is to give it a meaning...maybe an allusion to the obsessional nature of the creative process”

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- MA Communication Design – Central St Martins 2005
- DNAP (BA) Fine Art – Lyon School of Art – 1998
- Baccalaureat Art option – France – 1994

- Winner of Images 29 – Critics Award – 2009
- Nominated by public vote for the Club Monaco Emerging Artist Award – Nov 2011
- Selected for the 2011 3×3 Magazine competition
- Selected for the Illustrators 54 – New York – 2011