Catherine SAVIGNY

Catherine SAVIGNY

Construction n°1
h 25 cm x w 16 cm

Construction n°2
h11cm x w 18 cm

Construction n°3
h16cm x w 8 cm

Construction n°5
h21 cm x w 10 cm

from shadow to light, from curve to straight line, my work explores a world of contrast and duality ...
sensuality and luminosity are the key words

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Initially attracted, then passionate about Art, I took courses in history of Art in Paris, London, Brussels.

During my stays abroad, I attended the workshop of Jean-Philippe Couderc (paintings) in London and Toma Roata’s workshop (drawings) in Brussels.

Once back in Paris, I was able to explore sculpture.

After years of work, maturity is reached and now is the time to come forward

Carrousel du Louvre, Paris
Summer exhibition, Royal Academy, London