Caroline Hall MA

Caroline Hall MA

pixels paused 3 (mars black)
oil on aluminium
116 x 97x 0.3cm

pixels paused 2 (pthalocyanine blue)
oil on aluminium
116 x 97 x 0.3cm

passing Solent rain
oil on aluminium
116 x 97 x 0.3cm

passing bluebells 4
oil on alumium
116 x 97 x 0.3cm

All my work is based on video journies. For the pixel series I deliberately deconstruct the video until it is a series of pixels which are projected back onto the surface of the painting while I work. The passing series uses one video frame as a spring board. Each painting represents either a split second or a series of moments frozen in paint. I am intrigued by the boundaries between video and painting; between permanence and transience; between the contemporary and the traditional.

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15 years BBC TV reporter (relevant to work)
BA Visual Art (1st), Winchester School of Art
MA Painting (2007)

Solo exhibitions at the gallery in Vyner St, E1, in 2009, 2010, 2011.
Selected artist in numerous UK and international open submission exhibitions, including Transition at the Bargehouse Gallery, 2010, and Fringe MK.
Selling artist in Affordable Art Fair, Battersea.
Numerous group exhibitions 2008-2012
Large exhibition at Granary Gallery, Weston Park, Shropshire (25 paintings), April 2012.

Shortlisted for Threadneedle Prize 2011
Finalist Agora International Painting prize New York, 2009
Finalist Alpan International Painting prize, New York 2010
Commemorative painter for opening of headquarters for Carnival UK, 2010