Alex Simpson

Gouache on Paper

400 x 500 mm

The Door
Porcelain, and underglaze

150mm x 280mm

1 Colour Risograph print on paper

420 x 297 mm

Red nosed Liars
Porcelain and glaze

120mm x 150mm

Alex Simpson is a multi disciplinary artist based in London who works intuitively across painting, sculpture, printmaking and animation. Her work centres around personal narratives that are played out in worlds of melancholic children and strange creatures exploring their relationships with loss, fear and the unknown.
At the core of Simpson’s practice is painting – a dialogue between artist and medium – in which she invites spontaneity to bleed out her delicate figures into washes of ink. More recently Simpson has begun to work with ceramics – sculpting three dimensional counterparts to her gouache apparitions – rigorous experiments with glazes has helped her retain the textural flow of painting in this new medium.

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2007 – 2010 University of Brighton, BA (Hons) Illustration. First.

2006 – 2007 Alton College, Foundation. Distinction.

24 – 27th November 2011
The Other Art Fair, Bargehouse, London

26th Oct – 9th Nov 2011
75 Peters, Space, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane, Australia

5 – 27th August 2011
Murmurs, The Horse Hospital, Bloomsbury, London

8 – 12th July 2010
B.I.G, Rochelle School, Arnold Circus, London

5 – 10 June 2010
Hook, Line and Sinker, University of Brighton

2011 John Vernon Lord Sketchbook Prize

2006 ADFAS Scholarship